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The Saturdays - “Work” (Video)

The Saturdays - “Work” (Video)

on Jun 17 in PopThe SaturdaysVideos

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Ever since I discovered these girls last fall, I have been lovin’ me some Saturdays.  “Up” was an undeniable pop banger and “Work”, their current single, was the other song that jumped out at me oh so many months ago.  So, it is somewhat disappointing for me that their latest video doesn’t well, “work”.

The song is all bright and poppy, much like their previous output, but their management apparently wanted something darker and sexier this time around.  Gone are the sky high heels and unicolor freakum dresses that sorta became their trademark. So, the original look that set them apart from the sea of other chirping Barbies was ditched in order to channel this Girls Aloud clip from two years ago.  I mean damn—- they’re still on their first album so the shot callers didn’t have to rush into sexing the girls’ image up so quickly.  All that said, the video is OK but it just doesn’t match the upbeat vibe of the song.  Grade: C

<br/><a href="http://video.msn.com/video.aspx?mkt=en-GB&amp;vid=80641560-ef9b-46cc-bbd8-a25f5e8ac227" target="_new" title="The Saturdays - Work "></a>


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