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Timbaland featuring Katy Perry - “If We Ever Meet Again” (Video)

Timbaland featuring Katy Perry - “If We Ever Meet Again” (Video)

on Jan 20 in Katy PerryPopTimbalandVideos

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The good news is that Timbaland has ditched the Twilight obsession and SoShy this time around; the bad news is that those weird and unsettling facial ticks are back for another uncomfortable episode ofTimbo, WTF???

Katy Perry is the chosen sidekick this time around in a video that jacks its intro from Rebbie Jackson’s “Centipede” before simply settling for being a pointless and not too terribly interesting heist caper.  Tim’s “Dapper Dan” styling is definitely a step in the right direction, but his snazzy fall wardrobe can’t make up for the fact that the clip is a complete snooze.  I guess I expect a bit more from his videos since he seemingly fancies himself as not just a producer, but an artiste... a visionary.  An inflated ego is fine if you can back it up, but a dope producer does not a credible artist make. 

So aside from K.P. looking hot! hot! hot! in that white getup with the oversized Rachel Zoe sunnies, there really isn’t anything to see here unless goofy expressions and pretty people stealing paintings are your thing.  Grade: C

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