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Timbaland featuring SoShy - “Morning After Dark”

Timbaland featuring SoShy - “Morning After Dark”

on Dec 09 in R&BSoShyTimbalandVideos

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Wow… in these tough economic times, it is especially infuriating to see record labels spending a bazillion dollars on a video when a couple of g’s and an eager NYU film student could probably have yielded much better results.  Are vampires officially corny now?

Fresh from Tim’s triumphant “performance” on the AMAs where we were dazzled by his smedium leather jacket, Halloween dance troupe and tragically live microphones do we get this bloated, big budget clip for “Morning After Dark”, one of a crop of “first singles” released to promote his new album Shock Value 2.  There isn’t much to see here ‘cept for Timbo dressed in a tailor-made Easter suit from the Big &Tall Men’s Warehouse engaging in uncomfortably odd facial gestures that would result in the average person being immediately detained for a psychiatric evaluation.

New protege SoShy isn’t really much help either as the DNA mashup of Lady Sovereign and Angelina Jolie spends the first half of the video cold NOT rocking a um, bus—- and the second half in a “ooh la la” beret (ya know, cuz she’s French and all) playing Bonnie to Timbo’s Clyde.  There’s a pointless anticlimactic standoff that interrupts the proceedings before T. and his cell phone loving Euro-vamps celebrate their victory at the club—- well, that’s what happens in the short version.  The long version simply ends with blah blah blah more shots of TimboShy and a dramatic finale with a black cat to suggest that something really creepy just happened… boogedy boogedy boooooo!  And I mean “boo” as in I’m not feelin’ any of this.  Grade: C-



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