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Tinashe - “Company” (Video)

Tinashe - “Company” (Video)

on Jan 13 in R&BTinasheVideos

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While I did like “2 On”, I haven’t really been moved by anything else that has Tinashe has done… so far.  I do appreciate that she has seemingly picked up the baton from Ciara and like Mya and Aaliyah before her, acknowledges Janet as the “one who did it first”, all while continuing to hold it down for the dancing R&B girls.

Her latest single “Company” dropped a while ago and I really tried to get into to but… it just didn’t do anything for me.  The production doesn’t really go anywhere and there isn’t a strong hook to demand repeat listens.  The video, however, has warmed me up a bit to the track because it’s non-stop dancing with Tinashe—- or Tinasha if you were introduced to her through Britney—- powering through intricate choreography without any beauty shot or storyline cutaways disrupting the the action.  In this YouTube age of dance class clips racking up millions of views, it was a smart choice to focus on Tinashe’s strengths as a dancer and keep the video simple.

Now, can someone please tell Britney how to correctly pronounce the girl’s name?



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