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Travis Scott featuring Drake - “Sicko Mode” (Video)

Travis Scott featuring Drake - “Sicko Mode” (Video)

on Oct 19 in DrakeTravis ScottVideos

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I might catch a lil’ heat for this, but I’m gonna go ahead and say it anyway… As far as video directors go, Dave Meyers might be the G.O.A.T. Yes, even when you consider 90s it boys like Hype Williams, Mark Romanek or Michel Gondry, Dave emerges as the greatest not only for the number of iconic vids on his resumé, but for the length of time that he’s been cranking ‘em out and making it look easy!

From Missy and Pink back in the day to Ariana and Janet recently, Meyers’ “everything but the kitchen sink” approach to video making often results in stunning visuals that no doubt serve as the how to example in plenty of video production classes.  Dave teams up with Travis Scott and Drake and emerges with the SFX orgy that is “Sicko Mode”.

I’m not a Travis fan, but the visual assault of psychedelic color grading, thick girls in thongs, warped perspectives, mural animations, and creepy black lights has me at least copping to being a fan of this video.  My only quibble is that one moment where Drake claims that he’s an “on sight” type of dude cuz… I mean c’mon, really tho???

Why get high when you can simply click “play” and get into the WTF-ness of Dave, Travis ‘n’ Drake’s “sicko mode”...



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