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Views At A Glance: T-Pain, Robyn, ANTM Fashion Roadkill, Sia and More!

Views At A Glance: T-Pain, Robyn, ANTM Fashion Roadkill, Sia and More!

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T-Pain - “Reverse Cowgirl” (Video)
I usually can’t with this dude; I dig some of his songs but the oversexed teen lyrics of most of his output and *smh* antics like running around onstage with a literal “Big A$$ Chain” around his neck are absolute turn-offs.  However, I gotta say this the new vid is surprisingly well done.  If you look past the AutoTune and the eye roll-worthy lyrics, the video actually boasts impressive styling, lighting and effects!  Slo-mo swinging dreads… I kinda love it.

Anyone who knows me knows that nothing prompts uncontrollable laughter in me quicker than witnessing someone falling.  I don’t discriminate: senior citizens, children—- I once sat on a wintry porch and guffawed with my grandmother in the middle of the night as she had just taken an unbelievably comical dive in front of her house.  With that said, last night’s episode of America’s Next Top Model not only featured the genius addition of Fabulosity Czar Andre Leon Talley, but it also had a runway segment that had me in tears, my TiVo rewind button exhausted and my interest in the show renewed.  Just click the link...

New Robyn - “Fembot”
The baddest chick in all of Sweden is set to return this year with three—- count ‘em three—- new albums!  This lil’ electro-pop number isn’t anything radically different from what we’ve heard from her in the past nor is it terribly impressive.  However, I’ve heard other snippets of songs that are rumored to be on the upcoming albums so I’m still keepin’ the faith wit’ my girl Robby-Rob.

New Janet Single “Nothing” Set To Premiere March 30th!
Jermaine Dupri tweeted earlier that Janet’s new single “Nothing”, a ballad that serves as lead single from the Why Did I Get Married Too? soundtrack, will get its official debut at the end of the month.  I do love me some Janet, but rarely do I get excited about the news of a ballad release from her—- I cant front; I’ll be checking for it though.

New Sia - “Clap Your Hands”
Sia, she of the classic Six Feet Under/Contemporary Jazz Class Staple classic “Breathe Me” is generating some serious buzz for her upcoming album We Are Born, due June 7th.  I’m loving the direction of the new material that has been released so far as it seems SiSi has put the melancholy piano ballads to bed cuz momma is in the mood to dance, dance, dance!  I just might have to cop the album when it drops.

Pomplamoose Covers Lady Gaga’s “Telephone”
No, there aren’t any lesbian prison makeout sessions or sinister sandwich making goin’ on in this clip, but its rather enjoyable for its own merits.  The Gaga/“Telephone” internet takeover enters week two as a pair of indie artists put their own charming lil’ disco/funk/coffeehouse spin on it.  I dig it.

Young Artists For Haiti - “Wavin’ Flag”
Everybody and their momma’s pet frog has a charity single out right now and Canada, previously consumed with all things Olympic, has finally gotten around to issuing their own musical fundraiser to aid Haiti.  After the abomination that was the “We Are The World” re-make, I was a bit hesitant about giving this a listen, but its actually a rather decent effort.  Maple Leafers Drake, Avril Lavigne, that dude from Sum 41, Nelly Furtado, Kardinal Offishall, Esthero, K-os and some other folks gathered recently to record “Wavin’ Flag” as part of releif efforts for Haiti… what, nobody’s got love for Chile?  My only gripe re: this new track?  That d*mn Justin Beiber!  He somehow managed to snag the opening part for the “We Are The…” 2.0 and now he and his annoying wispy haircut return to torment me again with an ambush of his prepubescent vocals at the close of this song… ugh!

Trina featuring Keri Hilson and Diddy - “Million Dollar Girl” (Video)
Typical and boring… how you gon’ be talkin’ ‘bout you’re a “million dollar girl” and you’re making two dollar videos???  That hook is undeniable though… Ms. Keri baby!



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