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Views At A Glance: Ciara, Robyn, LCD Soundsytem, an iPhone 4G Preview and More!

Views At A Glance: Ciara, Robyn, LCD Soundsytem, an iPhone 4G Preview and More!

on Apr 20 in CiaraDanceErika JayneGadgetsKelly RowlandLCD SoundsystemR&BRobynVideos

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Ciara - “Basic Instinct (U Got Me)” (Video)
Despite the title, there isn’t any interrogation scene and CiCi is not flashing her Britney in this vid.  The artist formerly know as “Super C” previews her upcoming Ride album with this promo clip that is equal parts “The Wait Is Ova” and “You’re Gonna Get Rocked”.  Rocking a fake vintage grunge shirt, a throwback “Goodies” le-ho-tard, and a two-packs-too-many weave, C. angrily addresses the (sigh) haters while sulking around the backwoods of Mississippi spittin’ verses over an “Eye Of The Tiger” sample.  More confusing than The Dream’s silent hype man role is the song, which starts off like an angry mixtape freestyle before devolving into an overproduced would-be club banger.

Robyn - “Dancing On My Own”
La Rob continues to preview her coming Body Talk Pt. 1 album with the leak of “Dancing On My Own”.  “With Every Heartbeat” producer Kleerup teams up with Ro once again on this track and yeah “Dancing” has the same melancholic electro vibe as “Heartbeat”, but its not as strong.  It is, however, the best thing that I’ve heard so far from Robby’s rumored flood of new material.

Erika Jayne - “Pretty Mess” (Video)
When I first saw the title, I was kinda hoping that someone had finally attempted to do Vanity’s 80’s classic justice.  Unfortunately, that is not the case and Erika Jayne’s “Pretty Mess” is a gender-bending affair shot through a Paris Hilton filter that suggests that Miz Jayne is a big fan of Britney and Madonna.  Its a typical but festive club video that will surely satisfy anyone who’s into latex cops and shirtless models.

iPhone 4G/HD Sneak Peek
If you read my blog post the other day about my misadventures in cellphone-land (and you should have!), then you already know how I spent the last several months following gadget sites that would post crap like this.  I have a feeling that this Apple’s attempt to divert attention away from Verizon’s upcoming Droid Incredible release, but the official story is that some Apple employee accidentally left this iPhone prototype in a bar and lo and behold, video of the device has popped up on the internet.  Because the story also maintains that the phone’s battery died soon after it was discovered, the video above is simply showing off the phone looks like.  Yes, its seedy phone porn for fanboys that worship at the altar of Apple, for everyone else its a waste of forty eight seconds.

LCD Soundsystem - “Drunk Girls” (Video)
The only thing that I’ve really liked by this group is “Daft Punk Is Playing At My House” and the Daft Punk-spoofing accompanying video.  This new single is a rowdy frat bar anthem and the video is an odd but appropriate mix of bad karaoke, wacky panda suits and TV color bars.  Crack a brew open and turn it up, bro!

Kelly Rowland - “Commander”
So K. Ro is wisely taking advantage of the unexpected success that she’s found as a euro-dance diva collaborating once again with David Guetta in the hopes that the “When Love Takes Over” lightening will strike twice.  The video was taken by an amateur at some event called Supafest, but it does give you an idea of what Kelly’s second attempt at summer club domination will sound like.



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