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Views At A Glance: Ne-Yo, Usher, Betty White, Trey Songz, Janet and More!

Views At A Glance: Ne-Yo, Usher, Betty White, Trey Songz, Janet and More!

on Jul 18 in Brandon FlowersJanet JacksonNe-YoPhoto ShootTrey SongzUsherVideos

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Ne-Yo - “Beautiful Monster” (Video)
OK, lemme just first start by saying that I’m not a huge fan of the song… in fact, I outright hated it at first.  I didn’t mind the obvious plea for radio spins with the song’s dance pop vibe, but it was YoYo’s “bee-yoo-teee-ful monster” pronunciation of the hook that just got under my skin—- I felt like he was doing an SNL or Mad TV comedy bit about singing a cheesy song badly ‘cept he was for real.  I have since learned to tolerate the song but now here comes a bloated would-be big budget extravaganza that goes nowhere, for almost 9(!) d*mn minutes (Oh Gaga, what hath you wrought?)  Its like Ne-Yo and his camp decided “Hey, let’s do something big, like Thriller!” and then everyone agreed and promptly set their Effort/Thought/Preparation meter on “6”... fine, okay maybe “7”.  The video is some vague superhero dance caper with bad acting and a scene chewing villainess runnin’ around with Halle Berry eyes.  The dude from Stomp The Yard shows up at the end to bark at Ne-Yo before an ominous “To Be Continued…” pops up on the screen and unfortunately lets us know that there will be more of this nonsense to follow.  NOTE: OK, when I originally saw this video a few days ago it was a 9 minute chore to watch.  They’ve apparently done away with the way too long intro bar scene and have chopped off the ending so part of my rant won’t make any sense to those of you who have only seen the short version—- consider yourselves lucky.

Brandon Flowers - “Crossfire” (Video)
I like The Killers… not in that diehard have-every-album-know-every-song kinda way; I fall more into the like-the-radio-singles category.  I’ve been reading recently about Flamingo, lead singer Brandon Flowers’ debut solo project, but I can’t say that its something that I’m eagerly anticipating.  However, now that the video for the single “Crossfire” has dropped, I just might be inclined to check it out.  “Crossfire” is a typical Killers-y sounding rock track and the video finds B. Flo in several precarious situations where Charlize Theron, in the role of his knightess in shining… tank top, does a fine job of being the rescue come to-er.  I’m a sucker for tough chicks and seeing Leezy opening a six pack of whup a$$ and saving her boo from the imminent danger of his ninja assassin captors is so far the most exciting thing about this project.

Usher - “There Goes My Baby” (Video)
What’s most impressive about Raymond v Raymond isn’t the album’s proposed artistic achievement, but rather how a couple of smartly chosen singles (“Lil Freak” and “OMG”) has totally turned the Usher plane around and landed him back in the land of relevancy.  His latest big ol’ dance pop radio single “DJ Got Us Falling In Love” is sure to keep him there while album cut fave “There Goes My Baby” will satiate the R&B fans and keep the cries of “sellout!” to a minimum.  There isn’t anything special about this clip unless you’ve never seen a video where a light-skinned model is romanced with a rented luxury mansion as the love story’s backdrop.

Janet’s “Blackglama” Shoot
I originally thought Blackglama was some organization celebrating famous black and glamorous celebs (natural assumption, no?) but it turns out that its a well-known furrier.  Jan was tapped to be the face of the Fall 2010 ad campaign and before it has even graced the pages of your fave fashion mags, it has already ruffled the, uh… feathers of PETA.  Animal rights organization beef (har, har) aside, I think she looks great.  Also be sure to check out La Doo-blay J in her latest Essence photo shoot with C.S.I. man candy and Tyler Perry Acting Ensemble member Adam Rodriguez.

Betty White’s 2011 Calendar
Forget Miley Cyrus or that sourpuss from the Twilight movies, the real deal Hollywood It Girl is none other than 88-year old Betty White.  In a year where she has returned to TV sitcoms, starred in a Snickers campaign, and hosted SNL, B. Whi furthers Bettymania by unleashing her very own calendar.  You can celebrate 2011 with everyone’s favorite octogenarian as she stars in a splashy set of photos featuring B. Mac and her harem of orange ‘n’ waxed Chippendales torsos.  All proceeds from B.W.‘s sexed up “Daily At A Glance” project will reportedly be donated to the Morris Animal Foundation.

Trey Songz featuring Nicki Minaj - “Bottoms Up”
Given the rumors about Mr. Songz, its part hilarious and somewhat genius that first single from his new album is a lil’ ahem, banger called “Bottoms Up.”  And considering T. So’s latest string of radio smashes, I’m surprised that the next chapter in his quest for superstardom is a mediocre c-level “coat check” club jam.  The production is budget, the lyrics are laughable and nas-T gets overshadowed by track mate and rapstress du jour Nicki Minaj.  I’m sure there are unimaginative sex-obsessed slow jams waiting in the wings though, so this unfortunate detour will be temporary, no doubt.



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