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Views At A Glance: Drake, Cee Lo, Florence and The Machine & More!

Views At A Glance: Drake, Cee Lo, Florence and The Machine & More!

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Katy Perry - “The One That Got Away” (Video)
“Diego Luna Killed By Katy’s Veil!” —- so would read the headline summing up the latest from Russell Brand’s Mrs.  The 47th single from Teenage Dream is another well-crafted mini-movie from La Perry that tells the Titanic-esque story of old lady Katy reflecting on her hot ‘n’ poppin’ twenty-something romance with the dude from Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (though to be fair, he was great in Y Tu Mamá También.)  I’m not a fan of the song but the video really does make the robo-simplistic melody and the vaguely vintage Motown shuffle beat bearable.  The Johnny Cash bit at the end, a touching nod to the lyrics, was what really sold me on the whole melodramatic affair.  I don’t wanna say it but, “Well done Katy!”

Drake featuring Rihanna - “Take Care”
The stars of “What’s My Name” reunite in the hopes that lightning will strike twice.  As if either of these two need yet another song on the radio, Drake and RiRi team up again for the title track off Drizzy’s latest album.  “Take Care” is a moody mid-temp club track featuring a drowsy vocal contribution from Ri and Wheelchair Jimmy doin’ his usual croon/rap thing all while sneaking in a Lesley Gore sample.  It isn’t that the song is bad, I just kept waiting for something to happen and nothing did.  It’s like you wanna grab “Take Care” by the shoulders, slap it a few times and scream, “Wake the eff up!”

Florence + The Machine - “Lover To Lover”
Flo gets her church on in this album cut from the just released Ceremonials album.  With the patented big drums in tow, “Lover To Lover” also works in a Buggles-esque piano riff and some righteous organ action for a hands in the air helping of “halleilujah” from Big Red.

Cee Lo Green - “Anyway”
I was totally expecting some retro 60’s pop/soul situation as I clicked on the latest from Mr. Green and was pleasantly surprised to find a radio-friendly dance record waiting for me instead.  “Anyway” is slated to be one of two new tracks featured on the re-release of Cee’s The Lady Killer and it’s an unexpected foray into slick disco pop that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Kylie Minogue album.  Who woulda thunk?

Duran Duran - “Girl Panic!” (Video)
The new Duran track re-visits their 80’s sound while the video re-visits 90’s supermodel icons for a little something that is “Girls On Film” x “Freedom ‘90” ÷ “Paparazzi”.  Jonas Akerlund directs this 9, yes 9!, minute video where in fashion bizarro world, Naomi, Cindy, and Helena (no last names needed) are the members of Duran Duran with the actual Duran-ers playing bit parts in their own video.  Those of you still harboring a crush for anything 80’s, a need for a George Michael video cast reunion, or a love for all things “haute” ‘n’ “couture” should enjoy the latest from Le Bon & Le Boys.

Glee Attempts An Adele Mash-Up
I run hot and cold with Glee.  I was riding with them for the first half of season 1, for a brief moment during season 2, and I’ve been pretty much tired and/or bored with it any other time.  I often find it to be a chore to watch but they do have their moments every now and again.  One of those “now” moments occurs with this clip from Tuesday’s upcoming episode where they take “Rumour Has It”, my fave track off of 21, and cleverly mash it up with “Someone Like You”.  In theory, it shouldn’t work, but they pull it off with decent choreo to boot!  OK Glee, we’re friends again… this week.

The Saturdays - “All Fired Up” (Video)
I really liked the The Saturdays when they first hit the scene and I was totally into their unicolor gimmick that they had going on.  Unfortunately, The Sats’ creative team continue to guide their look and sound in a direction that goes against what made them appealing in the first place.  I’m sure the logic behind the transformation is to “evolve their style” and “keep their sound fresh” but without any standout Spice Girls-ian personalities in the group, ditching the colored tights has simply turned the girls into Any Random A$$ Girl Group.  This follow-up to “Notorious” is a faceless trance/pop single that was released a few months ago and sure “All Fired…” is catchy, but it ain’t no “Up”.



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