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Views At A Glance: Dawn Richard, Jon Bellion, Conor Maynard, AlunaGeorge, A Bo & J Lo, Darin & More!

Views At A Glance: Dawn Richard, Jon Bellion, Conor Maynard, AlunaGeorge, A Bo & J Lo, Darin & More!

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Dawn Richard - “86” (Video)
Following on the heels of last year’s lauded Armor On EP, D. Rich recently released her full-length debut solo album Goldenheart to glowing reviews.  Perhaps it’s an album that needs to live with me a bit longer as I don’t hear the game-changer that everyone else is raving about.  My initial reaction was that the album was OK, but I actually had a more immediate reaction to Armor On.  “86” is the first video from the new project and it finds La Richards out in the woods shouting out her Danity Kane past and her New Orleans roots—- at least that’s what she says the clip is about.  I didn’t get any of that from watching her do capoeira in the woods, but I’m still rooting for the girl.

Conor Maynard featuring Wiley - “Animal” (Video)
ConCon has officially set his sight on U.S. stardom as his debut album from last year, Contrast, is finally available in U.S. iTunes store and it follows his recent American TV debut on Late Night With David Letterman.  Album highlight “Animal” was released back in December and the “remix” features a pair of (ultimately unnecessary) rap verses from U.K. grime artist Wiley.  The video is another “meh” set of visuals from Maynard which finds him lip syncing in a dark warehouse in front of oversized speakers with his microphone cord’s performance as a bull whip stealing the show.

Disclosure featuring Alunageorge - “White Noise”
After falling in love with U.K. duo AlunaGeorge’s updated cosmic 90s R&B sound last year, I felt a bit let down when they dropped the disappointment that was “Diver”, their latest single(?)/buzz track(?) that hit these here internets a few weeks ago.  Right on the heels of that release comes “White Noise”, a collabo with fellow Brit duo Disclosure that is still not as immediate as “You Know You Like It”, but this new track’s early 90s deep house vibe is definitely a welcome step in the right direction.

Jon Bellion - “Dead Man Walking” (Video)
After dropping a pair of should have been mainstream jams in “Paper Planes” and “Life” last fall, Jon Bellion makes good on his recent promise to drop new material with “Dead Man Walking”.  The video finds him simply chillin’ with his homies and front porch sippin’ while he engages in the time honored boy tradition of kiss ‘n’ tell.  Yes, “Dead Man…” is a Mraz-ian acoustic jam that recounts how J. Bell smashed his sister’s BFF.  I’m not sure if it’s a true story but I sure hope he got ol’ girl’s permission before deciding put the details of their one(?) night stand into a song.  Well I guess if you’re gonna be put on blast, it might as well be something everyone can sing along to… right?  I think?

Kat Graham - “Wanna Say” (Video)
Yes, the would be pop minx who wanted to be tagged last year returns with an offering that is decidedly less salacious.  The “Wanna Say” video finds Ms. Kitty Kat dipping into the oft-sampled well of iconic Fosse visuals and mixes it up with a Hip Hop 101 vibe that renders the whole thing not quite as fun as her smutty double entendre offering from last summer.

Darin - “Playing With Fire”
I’m a huge fan of Scandipop and while Robyn still reigns as my fave from that region, I have to admit that I dig some of fellow Swede Darin’s less blatantly corny tracks.  D. Money is back and while I’m happy that “Playing With Fire” didn’t fall victim to the schmaltzy ballad virus that has plagued a lot of his recent work, the fact that his new single is a rather generic dance track isn’t that much better.  The first few notes fool you into thinking that you’re listening to Chris Brown or Usher’s EDM hits but, no—- ugh, and that chorus just goes absolutely nowhere.  Hopefully there are better tracks to be found on D.‘s upcoming album Exit.

Andrea Bocelli featuring Jennifer Lopez - “Quizás, Quizás, Quizás”
The Italian balladeer teases Passione, his upcoming collection of international baby making jams, with the release of his duet with the 6 train-loving, block repping woman hardly ever known as “Jenny”.  Yes, A. Bo and J. Lo team up for a pretty faithful rendition of latin adult contemporary staple “Quizás, Quizás, Quizás”.  Bocelli dials down the vocals a bit to match that of his partner while La Lopez does an adequate job of what was surely a directive to “coo in spanish” and “bring the sexy.”

Sky Ferreira - “Bang Bang” (featuring 2 Cellos) (Cher Cover)
Music blog darling Sky Ferreira follows up last year’s “Everything Is Embarrassing” with a ballsy take on a song that already has been covered by not one, but two(!) 60s icons: Cher and Nancy Sinatra.  Sky does her best to make “Bang Bang” her own and while the brooding, cinematic take is admirable, it’s hard to ignore the definitive versions from La Sinatra and Chazz Bono’s momma.



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