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Views At A Glance: 2 Chainz x Pharrell, Adidas x JS, Cher x David Morales, Nelly x Daley and More!

Views At A Glance: 2 Chainz x Pharrell, Adidas x JS, Cher x David Morales, Nelly x Daley and More!

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2 Chainz featuring Pharrell - “Feds Watching” (Video)
I know, the video has been out for a minute, but I just saw it the other day so sue me.  The latest from Sir Chainz is noteworthy not because it takes place in the same rented house that has been in videos by everyone, their momma and uh, Tracie Spencer.  No, the clip for “Feds Watching” is worth watching cuz it’s that rare hip hop video that features brown and dark-skinned models!  It’s a sad truth, indeed, but kudos for giving the cocoa sistas some love.  That “progressive” thinking, however, is completely rendered moot with Chainz’ line about “good hair”.  Really dude?  A “good hair” reference in 2013???  Ugh.

Adidas x Jeremy Scott Fall/Winter ‘13 Ad
It pains me to say that I am less than enthusiastic about the latest JS Adidas collection, but I have vowed to reserve my final judgement once I’ve seen most of these pieces in person.  While nothing screams “must cop” yet, I was hoping that this recently released ad for the upcoming season would at least feature a better look at those glitter bears but alas, no.

Cher - “Woman’s World” (David Morales Pride Anthem Mix)
As a fan of old school house, it warms the BPMs of my heart to have recently discovered remixes that reference that era from Pet Shop Boys, the original Sugababes and… Cher!  Yes, momma is still showing these young girls how it’s done with her latest release.  The original version of “Woman…” is a rambunctious, peak hour, girl power dance/pop anthem and every remix of the track I’d heard of the track reimagined it as… a rambunctions, peak hour, girl power dance/pop anthem.  However, in the hands of legendary DJ/producer David Morales, “Woman’s World” becomes a late night house stomper that recalls the 4AM vibe of his “Always Be My Baby” Mariah makeover.  And aside from Miz C. dabbling in vintage house grooves, have you seen her and that wig in the video???

Nelly featuring Daley - “Heaven”
OK, so yaaaay U.K. R&B artist Daley gets his first crack at stateside mainstream love by delivering the hook on the latest single from Nelly, but boo to whoever saddled him with this so-so pop track that might hit #30 on the adult contemporary chart.  Bonus demerits to whoever it is that insists on drowning his voice in unnecessary AutoTune—- the man can sing, for real!  Here is Nellz and D., sans AutoTune, on The Today Show trying to get past a “Who is this?” reaction from a crowd not necessarily familiar with “Hot In Herre” or that BandAid.

Lil’ Flip featuring Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus - “Twerk”
Yes, it is as awful as you think it is.  Is that really Miley on the hook???

Ricki-Lee - “Come and Get In Trouble With Me” (Video Trailer)
I don’t understand what is going on with the marketing of this girl.  A product of Australia’s X-Factor, Ricki started out in a girl group full of other contestants from the show.  She quickly went Beyoncé on those chicks and her solo career initially positioned La Lee as the sassy, curvy, brunette girl next door fending off bootleg Colin Farrells in the club.  An album or two later, she was stick thin and blonde and her latest incarnation finds her desperately trying to be “edgy” and ripping yet another page out of the Sell Records The Tired & Predictable Way manual for aspiring starlets.  “Come And Get…” is a video valentine to Studio 54 featuring a bunch of Magic Mikes, drag queens, an F-bomb drop, the Rickster making out with girls and naked horse riding.  The video isn’t available yet in the U.S. so you’ll have to be titillated (ha!) by the trailer for now or you can watch a sorta NSFW clip of the shenanigans here

Lady Gaga - Live @ The iTunes Music Festival
Gags took the stage recently in London to finally share new material from her upcoming Artpop album.  You will be disappointed if you’re still looking for retreads of “Poker Face” or “Bad Romance” and pleasantly surprised if you were hoping for something not so radio friendly that ventured into pop/rock/electro/new wave/hip hop/piano bar ballladry territories—- yup, “Applause” is the poppiest thing on the album it seems.  Early favorites for me include the title track and “Manicure”.



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