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Views At A Glance: Betty White, TI, Kylie, LV x iPad and More!

Views At A Glance: Betty White, TI, Kylie, LV x iPad and More!

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Betty White’s SNL Promos
“You ready, B?”  Don’t be surprised if Jay-Z asks that this weekend and an old white lady heartily busts out the “uh oh” dance from “Crazy In Love”. After an aggressive online campaign, Golden Girl and Snickers advocate Betty White is all set to rock the SNL stage this weekend with Jigga as the musical guest.  Check out the promos below of B-slice keepin’ it hood.

News On Kylie’s New Album Aphrodite
I hated what is rumored to be the album cover, but I’m kinda psyched for this project in that its sounding like it’ll be a major dance situation for the summer.  Stuart Price, who worked on Madonna’s Confession On A Dancefloor, is steering the ship musically this time around and he’s promising a pop masterpiece along the lines of K. Min’s decade-old Light Years!

LV iPad Covers!
While I am a huge fan of Apple products, I unfortunately did not RSVP to the iPad party—- a big tablet with limited functionality, what’s the point?  However, if I did have to carry around one of those bloated iPhones, I would most certainly opt to slide it into one of these stylish babies from the House of Vuitton.  I dig the monogram version, but there is something about the understated sexiness of the Damier Graphite pattern that makes me say “ah yessahhh!”  Although with a $366 price tag, I’m not sure how many people are gonna spend as much on a “protective case” as they did on the gadget itself.  You have time to save up your coins though, these aren’t due to hit LV stores ‘til next year.

Kelly Rowland - “The Sound” (Snippet)
Wow… K. Ro is really embracing this international dance/pop thing, huh?  I certainly don’t blame her as the budget Beyonce R&B thing was most definitely not working for her… at all.  Here we have a preview of a new track that is rumored to be on Kell’s new album, due in September.  Its short and DJ-tagged, so I can’t really formulate a well-informed opinion about “The Sound”, but it feels like Ms. Rowland may finally have a hit project on her hands!

T.I. Cover Shoot For Giant Magazine
I wouldn’t go so far as to say that T.I. is an influence on my personal style, but I definitely feel like we both have have a penchant for mixing street with high fashion.  I can appreciate that Tip can go from hood to haute effortlessly and its his quiet cool that makes him more of a style icon than Kanye’s relentless and ultimately tacky “acknowledge me” antics.  Check out Grand Hustle’s CEO as he gets his “snap, click” on for the current issue of Giant.

Sir Mix-A-Lot - “I Like Big Butterfingers”
This is so ridiculous, I couldn’t help but post it.  S.M.A.L. teams up with Ponch and The Hulk and refashions his classic ode to bulbous buttocks into a shoutout for candy bars.  Don’t hate on Mix; he is gettin’ paid.  “Oh my gawd, Becky… look at that check!”

M.I.A - “Born Free” (Video) (Absolutely NSFW!)
Wow… well this certainly is NOT the video to click on if you’re in the mood for glossy choreographed dance numbers or high fashion depictions of the good life.  I’m late with mini-review, but its just impossible to stay up on everything flowing down the River of Cultured Pop.  Anyways, “Born Free” is an R-rated, scathing commentary on the politics of war and discrimination and when the video is over, you’ll probably wanna immediately run outside and hug the nearest redhead.  Pretty heavy stuff here and its definitely not easy to watch.  If graphic depictions of violence upset you, I suggest you let the candy bar commercial above be the last link you click on in this post.



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