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Views At A Glance: Blackberry “iPad”?, New Kylie, M.I.A, Dirty Money,  Christina In GQ

Views At A Glance: Blackberry “iPad”?, New Kylie, M.I.A, Dirty Money,  Christina In GQ

on May 14 in Christina AguileraDiddy/P. Diddy/Puff Daddy/Puffy/Sean Jean CombsGadgetsHip HopKylie MinogueM.I.AT.I.TV/Web/Print AdsVideos

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Blackberry To Get In The Tablet Business With The BlackPad?
As much as I love Apple products, I still haven’t been able to find a reason why I should become a card carrying member of the iPad fan club.  Toting around a functionally limited laptop screen just doesn’t feel like a “gotta have it” kind of item to me.  Although its still just a rumor, word is spreading amongst the gadget geeks that RIM, the company that makes Blackberries, are planning on jumping into the tablet market and releasing their own, the BlackPad.  I gotta admit, “BlackPad” has a sexy ring to it and the early rendering of it looks cool but again, what it is the point of carrying one of these things around?

Kylie Minogue - “All The Lovers”
No, its not as immediate as “In My Arms” or “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head”, but is sounds like a grower.  La Minogue submits her entry in the Dance Diva Single of The Summer Sweepstakes by dropping “All The Lovers” from the forthcoming Aphrodite, due in July.  The album is being hyped as a return to Ky’s glossy pop sound of her Light Years-era and yeah, I could see this not being out of place on a tracklisting that included “On A Night Like This” and “Please Stay”.  “All The Lovers” is a mid-tempo, somewhat subdued return for the only woman who can truly be considered Madonna’s international contemporary.  K. Min always comes with a hot video, so perhaps the visuals are gonna be what ultimately sell me on this song.

Dirty Money featuring T.I. and Rick Ross - “Hello Good Morning” (Video)
Wow… Puffy has been in the game for d*mn near twenty years now and he still thinks fireworks and driving around in hot cars makes for a dope video?  Diddy dance steps that were corny ten years ago now just come off as sad and glorified video chicks Mini-Missy and Danity Kane refugee Dawn get overshadowed by Puff’s ego and the bigger star power of Rick Ross and T.I.  I still think the song is hot but the addition of big Ricky’s verse wasn’t needed and they need to stop with this “Dirty Money” faux group nonsense if all its really gonna be is two interchangeable girls bookending Mr. Combs’ relentless showboating.

Christina Aguilera In German GQ
My faith in this Bionic project is quickly waning the more Christina is out there “promoting” it.  The Oprah performance was kind of a bust in my eyes and now comes this deja nude cover for the German edition of GQ.  Didn’t she already do this years ago on Rolling Stone back during her “Dirrty” days?—- yup, she sure did.  As much as I don’t want to admit it, this album feels like its shaping up to be a major disappointment.  What was initially hyped to be a ground-breaking dance album is slowly revealing itself to be a hodgepodge of warmed over “been there, spanked that” Madonna moments.

“Swagger Wagon” (Video)
Its funny cuz when I saw the commercial for Toyota’s Sienna mini-van a while back featuring a vanilla suburban couple bigging up their vehicle of choice as a “swagger wagon”, I immediately bowed my head and held a private memorial for the official death of the word “swag” and its many variations.  So now with this new foray in to hip hop video making coupled with their recent um… “issues” with the faltering breaks on their Camry deathmobiles, it would seem natural to re-brand the car company “Murder Inc.”, but the name has, of course, already been taken.

Gotti Goes “Hip Poppy”
Before there was Snooki and The Situation, there were The Gottis.  I’m not proud that I used to watch Growing Up Gotti, so I’m just gonna put it out there and hope that you won’t judge me too harshly.  So one of the Gotti boys fancies himself a pop star now and has ditched the guido couture Jersey Shore stylings for a look that is significantly less orange and more… refined?  Yes, when last we saw Carmine Gotti, he was a wealthy, entitled junior douche bag with bad hair and an even worse attitude.  He could still be all of those things but a hair cut and some diction classes have made it less obvious, if he is indeed still an a$$hat.  The music?  Its as awful as I thought it’d be, but no worse than the Bieber kid.

M.I.A. - “XXXO” (Radio Rip)
I’m so confused with the 2010 edition of M.I.A.  First there was the gruesome video for “Born Free” and the decidedly radio not-so-friendly song that soundtracked it.  Now we have the official first single from her upcoming album and when I’m ready for spacey beats and crazy lyrics I get… a Robyn-esque track with lyrics about Tweeting and iPhones?  I’m not sure what to make of her—- is she the mad as hell anti-war revolutionary or the social network-loving robo popstress?



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