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Views At A Glance: Bruno Mars, Kim Zolciak, Nicki Minaj, The Saturdays and More!

Views At A Glance: Bruno Mars, Kim Zolciak, Nicki Minaj, The Saturdays and More!

on Sep 24 in Bruno MarsKeri HilsonMariah CareyNicki MinajPopR&BThe SaturdaysVideosWynter Gordon

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Bruno Mars - “Grenade”
Everyone has been raving about this dude and yeah I liked the catchy inescapable summer singles that he was featured on, but none of his solo stuff has really grabbed me yet.  Recently leaked track “Grenade” (which suspiciously dropped right after his Vegas coke arrest) is definitely a step in the right direction, though.  The song seems to come from the same “Bleeding Love/Halo” school of dramatic, big drum ballads.  The “if my body was on fire/oooh, you’d watch me burn down in flames” line is especially, and comically, over the top.

Kim Zolciak - “Google Me” (Snippet)
Ya see what happens when foolishness is encouraged?  Yes, the grande dame of singing housewives returns and she’s not so much tardy for the party this time, just tragically unaware of when she’s worn out her welcome at one.  Yes, the “sequel is never better than the original” tradition continues as this delusional, “singing” lacefront has decided that a second helping of her Auto(out of)Tune sonic warbling was in order.  “Tardy For The Party” was so bad it was good while this new “Google Me” travesty has me wondering if I judged (now former) Jersey housewife Danielle’s Staub’s single too harshly.

Nicki Minaj - “Right Through Me”
Well this pretty much picks up from where the top 40 pop radio slickness of “Your Love” left off, makes it shinier! poppier! sing-songier! and aims straight for the top of the iTunes download chart.  Destined to be all over radio in a hot second, “Right Through Me” is sure to help La Minaj continue her impressive hood hot/top pop balancing act.  I’m still not a fan though and without an Annie Lennox sample, I’m gonna hafta pass on this one.

Mariah Carey - Merry Christmas II You Album Cover
Much has already been made of the “Really, girl?”, side eye-worthy Photoshop job, so I’mma leave that alone.  I will, however, say that I think the title (“Merry Christmas II You”) is a somewhat clever play on the original and I like that the new pic also pays homage to the ‘94 original cover while simultaneously incorporating 2010 Rye-Rye ridiculousness as well.

Keri Hilson - “Breaking Point” (Video)
Meh… I’m not really feeling this.  I am glad that she’s moved on from that horrid tragi-tranny shocking blonde situation she had goin’ on in the initial promo pics for this new album.  “Breaking Point” is a rather tired anthem “fo’ tha ladieeees” and the video finds ol’ Ker b*tchin’ in her bedroom about her no good man.  NEXT!

The Saturdays - “Higher” (Video)
I dunno… I kinda feel like these girls just became Anygirlgroup after they ditched the whole unicolor stockings/pumps/dresses thing that set them apart when they first hit the scene.  The new song is definitely no “Up”, but I kinda like that its a sweet, PG-rated version of that certain dancing stripper troupe’s video for “When I Grow Up”.

Freemasons featuring Wynter Gordon - “Believer”
Last but certainly not least is the latest from UK production/remixing team Freemasons, “Believer”.  I often get asked about the music I play in my classes and this track, which has been in rotation since late summer, has been getting a lot of inquiries lately.  The extended version is 9 minutes of smoothed out dance bliss, but I’m linking to an edit of that version here.  Wynter Gordon, who has yet to score any solo success, is the hired girl singer and her voice is a buttery smooth complement to the laid back vibe of the track.  Don’t get it twisted though, its still a peak hour, hands in the air club jam!  The video is rumored to be coming soon.

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