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Views At A Glance: Christina Aguilera, Janet, Kelis and Diggy Simmons!

Views At A Glance: Christina Aguilera, Janet, Kelis and Diggy Simmons!

on Mar 26 in Christina AguileraDiggy SimmonsHip HopJanet JacksonKelisPop

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Christina Single And Album Artwork Revealed
So Ms. Aguilera’s website was home to a countdown to “big news” twice this week which bascially amounted to revealing artwork and lyrics to the lead single from her upcoming album Bionic... um, OK.  I personally would’ve preferred the news to be a preview of new music or at least a snippet of the single.  I initially thought the cover for Polow Da Don-produced lead single “Not Myself Tonight” was kinda cool ‘til someone ruined it for me by pointing out that she looks like 90’s-era “Justify My Love” Madonna. 

UPDATE: OK, so in the midst of linking this story to Aggs’ website, I discovered that a snippet of the single HAS been posted.  Not bad… but I’ll reserve final judgement ‘til I hear the full version.

On The Set Of Janet’s New Video “Nothing”
Its a ballad so I know not to expect anything epic from Miss Jackson with this vid.  Jermaine Dupri takes us behind the scenes of what will obviously be a special effects-heavy video.  Its supposed to drop next week.

Sneak Peek: Kelis’ “Acapella” Video
Kids are already making comparisons to Gaga which is unfair cuz Kels has been in it for a minute and her atypical swag has on full blast since day one.  I love the song and the preview suggests that the video, which is set to premiere on Monday, is gonna be hot!

Diggy Simmons - “Made You Look” Freestyle
Awww look at that: Rev Run’s lil’ boy is carrying on the legacy!  Run-DM..Seed drops a few verses over Nas’ “Made You Look” beat and puts all corny teen emcees on notice!  I didn’t have high expectations so I was surprised that Dig kinda came wit’ it on these (thankfully) curse-free verses.  And I’m sure he dropped the “n” word a couple of times just to ward off the inevitable hate, but it was unnecessary.




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