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Views At A Glance: Drake, Melanie Fiona, Macy Gray, A “Glee”-ful “Vogue” and More!

Views At A Glance: Drake, Melanie Fiona, Macy Gray, A “Glee”-ful “Vogue” and More!

on Apr 15 in DrakeJanelle MonaeMacy GrayMelanie FionaTV

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Drake - “Over” (Video)
Yes, this is definitely an upgrade from last years sh*tacular fail, the Kanye-directed breast-fest clip for “Best I Ever Had”.  New video “Over” makes good use of wall projections and cool lighting effects while Drizzy simply stands or sits where he is told and delivers his verses.  Luckily, the vid has more presence than he does so I made it to the end.

Sue Sylvester Tackles “Vogue”
The much hyped Madonna episode of Glee is scheduled to air next week and this viral video was released to further build anticipation.  Cheerleading tyrant Sue Sylvester steps into Madge’s cone bra and faithfully recreates the video with the gay dude and the black girl from the show providing back up.  So yeah, I’ve finally reached my saturation limit with simply hearing about this d*mn Madonna thing so the episode can’t just be good, its gotta be classic—- nothing less will be acceptable!

Janelle Monae - “ArchAndroid” Promo Spot
I see you, Janelle.  Looks like J. Mo got herself a lil’ budget!  After wowing me two weeks ago with the fantastic video for “Tightrope”, La Monae continues to get y’all onboard for her album release (The ArchAndroid, in stores May 18th) with this cinematic promo.  Is it really happening?  Somebody with some substance is actually getting a mainstream artist level push?

Melanie Fiona - “Ay Yo”
Mel. Fi continues to promote debut album The Bridge with another release and although I’m not feeling it as much as “It Kills Me”, “Give It To Me Right” or even “You Stop My Heart”, its still nice to see any album get a fourth single release nowadays.  “Ay Yo” is a rooftop rent party featuring the building’s flyest residents and… well that’s it.  Like I said, not much goin’ on here except the exciting news that Melanie Fiona’s label is still pushing this album.

The Today Show Summer Concert Series Line-Up
Maxwell!  Lady Gaga!  Christina!  The Today Show announces an impressive roster of talent for their concert series this summer.  The sudden influx of screaming pre-teen girls in Rockefeller Center on June 4th will all be cuz of that d*mn Justin Bieber.  You’ve been warned, fellow New Yorkers.

Kelis’ Flesh Tone Album Cover
OK, well the single is hot, the video was dope and now the album cover reveals itself to be sorta fly too… in a Tron character kinda way.  This album better be on point otherwise all this effort will tragically have been in vain.

Macy Gray - “Beauty In The World” (Video)
Like many gourmet cheeses, Macy Gray is an acquired taste.  So if her voice makes you want to pour hot grease in your ears, then there is no point in clicking on the link.  For everyone else, “Beauty In The World” is a feelgood poppy lil’ number with a video that looks like an extended Target-sponsored Coke commercial to match.

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