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Views At A Glance: Drake & Rihanna, Cassie, Tamar Braxton & More!

Views At A Glance: Drake & Rihanna, Cassie, Tamar Braxton & More!

on Apr 07 in CassieDrakeHip HopJack WhiteMarcus CollinsNicki MinajPopRihannaTVVideos

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Drake featuring Rihanna - “Take Care” (Video)
Love the song… the video?....notsomuch.  I champion any rapper who steps out of the one-note guns/strippers/club box of video themes and comes with something a bit more errrr, daring.  However, it ain’t enough to simply say “Hey, at least I’m not makin’ it rain in this one!”  The latest collab from Dr-ihanna is an artsy, black and white affair with Drizzy doin’ his emo rapper thing and Riri bein’ all moody while modeling a Flashdance sweatshirt —- and ummm, was I the only one freaked out by those shots where it looked like you could only see the whites of Ri’s eyes?  All in all, I’m most impressed with the fact that I made it to the end.  Grade: C

Cassie - “King of Hearts” (Kanye West Remix)
I’m sorry… but this whole “King of Hearts” project just ain’t workin’ for me.  The video only pops if the audio is muted and this “Louis Vuitton Don” blessed remix does nothing to wake up what is a tragically drowsy and inherently boring piece of anonymous dance pop fluff.  What else ya got, Cass?

Nicki Minaj featuring 2 Chainz - “Beez In The Trap”
Nicks puts her chasing of pop hits on pause for a second to let the hood know that she still got love for ‘em.  “Beez In The Trap” is a minimalist would be club banger with La Minaj continuing her cartoon-y aesthetic for the video in between a$$ modeling and briefly re-visiting that bisexual gimmick that was part of her early marketing… remember those days?  The track is OK (it’s no “Roman’s Revenge”, for me); I just wish that she would’ve left all of the “boom ba doom boom boom ba doom boom bass” technicolor wigs at home if she was gonna try and go hard with this vid.

Marcus Collins - “Seven Nation Army” (Video)
Considering I just reviewed Jack White’s latest solo video, it only seems fitting that I also mention this cover of a classic from his White Stripes catalogue.  Marcus is an X-Factor UK refugee and this not awful/not great cover managed to crawl into the lower ranks of Britain’s top ten recently.  The video is all spring pastels and clever lady arm choreo but it doesn’t really hide the fact that Mr. Collins could stand to loosen up a bit and exude a little charisma if he plans on sticking around for a while.  Grade: C

Adam Lambert - “Trespassing”
An Adam Lambert track produced by Pharrell???  OK, I’ll bite… the descrip alone warrants at least one listen.  The first few seconds are very “Hollaback Girl” before the production settles into a groove that sounds vaguely like “Hot ‘N’ Fun”, Skateboard P’s hit from last year with pet project group N.E.R.D.  All was fine until Adam started with his trademark schreechy oversinging at which point I promptly said, “Check, please.”  I do appreciate that he seems to be taking his sound in different direction and this “Trespassing” track is only a snippet, so I’ll hold off on throwing up either my “Yay” or “Nay” fan until I hear something in full.

The Best of Tamar Braxton
Tamar is becoming Janet to Toni’s Michael in the Braxton musical dynasty it seems.  With the second season of the Sisters Braxton’s reality show Braxton Family Values coming to a close, a greatest hits of quote-ables from “Tamonster” was inevitable.  While “get your life” was definitely her signature this time around, “she….me…her” is also destined to join “.com” in TayTay’s Catchphrase Hall of Fame.




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