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Views At A Glance: Janelle Monae, Kelis, Verizon iPhone, “Paranormal Activity 2” and More!

Views At A Glance: Janelle Monae, Kelis, Verizon iPhone, “Paranormal Activity 2” and More!

on Jul 02 in FlicksGadgetsHip HopJanelle MonaeKelisLady GagaPopRobyn

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Janelle Monae featuring B.O.B. and Lupe Fiasco - “Tightrope” (Wondamix) (Video)
Yeah… I definitely didn’t need a remix for this one.  Gone is the retro 60s funk vibe of the original and its replaced with a bland hip hop beat and some distorted guitars to give it a not-working-for-me rock feel.  There isn’t anything remarkable about the video either——B.O.B. and Lupe deliver their verses before J. Mo spits a few bars herself that cleverly addresses those that wish she would “change her clothes.” (something about her being on the cover of Vogue three times already was her response.)  So, if you can’t get enough of La ‘Nelle’s cocktail party waiter look or if seeing her black and white ensembles in black and white has always been a dream of yours then you’re in luck… yaay for you.

Verizon iPhone Rumors… Aaaagain!
Even before I began my almost year-long search for a new phone last August, I was already well acquainted with the frequent, and ultimately empty, promises of a precious iPhone for those of who remained loyal to Verizon.  These unfounded rumors stung a wee bit more when I was knee deep in my search and holding out for the right upgrade device cuz I admittedly had iPhone envy since forever.  But a funny thing happened, the more I researched other phones while kinda hoping/waiting for the Veri-phone that never materialized, I got over the iPhone!  Yes, I realized that there were other comparable phones—- some even better that don’t require you to hold it a certain way!—- and I also realized that I too had been dazzled by Apple’s brilliant marketing.  I still love my Mac products, but looking past the shine of that phone’s shiny surface with the pretty icons and learning that it wasn’t untouchable was akin to finding out that the person you’ve had a crush on for several years and thought was oh-so-fine is not quite as cute when you hear them attempt to construct a sentence.  Y’all can hold out for this mystical phone if ya want to, Imma happily stick with my Droid Incredible and stay with a service provider that doesn’t drop my calls like a crazy mistress.

Benny Benassi featuring Kelis, Apl.de.ap and Jean Baptiste - “Spaceship” (Video)
I kinda had decent hopes for this clip cuz it involved Kelis, a boy Pea, some artsy lookin’ black dude and what I assumed was a track that will probably be huge overseas.  Well, I’m sure the song will be huge in any dance club not in the U.S. but the video is a boring series of outer spaced-themed special effects that look like outtakes of Kelly Rowland’s latest——not a good look, guys.  Kelis delivers a forgettable chorus dressed as a cosmic horseback riding TV set, Apl shows up in his street clothes with a verse that Wil.I.Am probably vetoed off the last Black Eyed Peas album and that Baptiste guy took a break from trying to make the Amelia Earhart look happen in the hood long enough to bark “get high!” at us for three minutes.  K. Ro’s “Commander” ain’t lookin’ so bad after all!

Robyn - “Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart”
After seeing Alicia’s pregnant a$$ freaking out Prince a bit with her piano climbing antics at the recent BET Awards, I totally remembered that I never got around to posting Robyn’s cover of A. Keys’ recent smash.  So for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, here’s RoRo’s minimal electro take on “Try Sleeping…” which was part of her recent visit to the BBC’s popular Live Lounge radio show.

Lady Draga!
OK, so I saw these pix not too long ago with the heading that it was Gaga in drag and immediately chalked it up to yet another of the (tired at this point) she’s-got-a-penis jokes that just refuse to die a quick death.  However, I came across a second site referencing these pix, but without the penis quips this time, so I figured it was worth another look.  Lo and behold, frequent Haus of Gaga stylist Nicola Formichetti is credited as being part of the behind the scenes crew for this shoot featuring model “Jo Calderone” and I guess “he” does kinda look like La Ga, so perhaps the “Gaga’s A Guy!” headlines I read recently were kinda true… for once.

“Paranormal Activity 2” Trailer
I foolishly waited until the last minute to try and get tickets for a Halloween showing of the first Paranormal installment last year… and then I just never followed up on making an effort to see it after that didn’t pan out.  Seeing that there is now a trailer for a sequel instantly reminded me that I gotta do some catching up on what seems like a Blair Witch-esque Poltergeist update.

Bed Bugs In NYC Say: Call Us DJ Khaled Cuz “We Takin’ Over”!
Did I miss the whole bed bugs outbreak stories that were supposedly everywhere last year?  Apparently the city was under siege like a Steven Seagal flick and now the B.B. army has apparently set their sights on SoHo….. noooooo!  If you’re a fan of Abecrombie & Fitch offshoot Hollister (y’know… with the shirtless dudes always out front lookin’ bored) then be ya might be interested to know that the store has been temporarily shut down due to a bed bug infestation that has reportedly gone unchecked for a month!  A MONTH!  I’m no marketing genius but “free bed bugs with every purchase” just doesn’t scream “customer stampede” in my eyes… unless of course said customers are running away from that joint.



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