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Views At A Glance: Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Blake McGrath, New Christina Tracks and More!

Views At A Glance: Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Blake McGrath, New Christina Tracks and More!

on May 05 in Blake McGrathChristina AguileraGirliciousLady GagaMadonnaMiley CyrusPhoto ShootPopVideos

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Lady Gaga performs “Alejandro” on “American Idol”
I can usually ride with La Ga on most of her live performances, but this was kind of all over the place.  Aside from the sound issues, this simply seemed to be stock ‘n’ trade “Gaga weirdness”, which would be fine for a lesser artist.  I’m holding out hope that the video will be as epic as the song; now THIS track begs for the big budget mini-movie treatment!

UPDATE:  Well word on the tweets is that the reason Gag’s performance on Idol last night was so jarring was that parts of it were edited out due to time constraints.  I personally would’ve preferred to see her number in its entirety rather than the filler that I’m sure commanded most of the hour.  In any case, click here to check out the uncut version which makes me appreciate what she was trying to do a bit more; I’m still not in love with it though.

Miley Cyrus - “Can’t Be Tamed” (Video)
I can’t believe that I’m doing a post on this chick, but I always try to maintain a “judge the song/video, not the artist” stance when it comes to covering music on this blog.  With that said, I present to you the latest from Billy Ray Cyrus’ Achy Breaky Cash Cow.  Yes, there has been quite a bit of effort into giving Hannah Montana a little edge this time around which will no doubt infuriate the parents of her Disney fanbase.  If Shakira can be a caged She Wolf, then I suppose we can’t fault M. Cy for attempting to channel her inner caged She-agle (y’know… “she” + “eagle”, duh!)  I love the look, theme and story of the video, but I can’t help but feel that “Can’t Be Tamed” would have been brilliant if it were in the hands of a more capable artist who could deliver the performance this kind of big budget conceptual spectacle demands.  Instead, that po’ lil’ girl literally and figuratively gets lost in those gorgeous computer-generated(?) wings.

Blake McGrath - “The Night” (Video)
Also doing the big budget video thing is So You Think You Can Dance alum/choreographer Blake McGrath for his debut single “The Night”.  B. Mac plays ringmaster to a troupe of Shakespearean Robo-Goth dancers as they navigate through what looks like the dimly lit sets of “Rhythm Nation” and “LoveGame”.  As with Miley’s effort, I like the look, concept, and choreography for “The Night”, I just wish all that effort had been used for a stronger single rather than the substance-free, generic electro-pop song that was actually used—- and a perfectly good temporary bar code tattoo got wasted in the process!

Madonna in Interview Magazine
Madge channels the look of her debut album (from waaayyy back in ‘83) in this new photo spread for Interview.  With so many people referencing her iconic 80s looks for their own projects, its kinda cool to finally see a Madonna-inspired Madonna photo shoot.  It must suck to have girls half your age building careers with plays out of your pop stardom handbook while you struggle to remain relevant.

Preview Of Two New Tracks From Christina’s Upcoming Bionic Album
I’m kinda indifferent to “Not Myself Tonight”, both the song and the video, so I was definitely ready to hear what else Chrissy was comin’ with for this new album.  Here we have previews of two new tracks that I’m sure will be on Bionic, the title track and “You Lost Me”.  She recently shot an episode of VH1 Storytellers, so I’m assuming these live-sounding, poor quality clips are the crafty, secretly recorded results of someone who attended the taping.  This kind of stuff doesn’t last long on YouTube, so check out them out before they get yanked.

Girlicious - “Maniac” (Video)
Well, if you ever wondered what Danity Kane would’ve looked like as a trio of half-naked, barely legal girls in bootleg “Bossy” bikinis (yep Kelis, circa 2006), then the young vamps of Girlicious have finally come to your rescue.  Yes, the PussyKitten Dolls are back again tossin’ hair and wigglin’ a$$ cheeks all to some forgettable Ke$ha knock-off track which makes me yearn for Nicole, her rotating backup cast of future Hooters waitresses and the artistic depth of “Don’t Cha”.



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