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Views At A Glance: Mya, Eve, Azealia Banks, Prince Royce and More!

Views At A Glance: Mya, Eve, Azealia Banks, Prince Royce and More!

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Eve - “She Bad Bad” (Video)
It’s been a minute or two since Eve-y E was the “it” girl in hip hop and in the years since, we’ve been subject to countless single leaks and false starts to the release of the former First Lady of Ruff Ryders’ comeback album.  Though most of her recent output has been wildly uneven at best, the video for “She Bad Bad” seems to be a step in the right direction and harkens back to a time when the “pitbull in a skirt” was as known for her flow as she was for her fashion.

Mya - “Mr. Incredible” (Video)
I’m not sure how, but Mya is still convincing somebody to fund her musical ventures.  Her latest clips finds Miz M. throwing on an afro wig and lip syncing this 90s throwback bedroom jam into a princess phone from the comforts of her bubble bath.  I’m not sure if this track is going to bring MyMy back to her “Case Of The Ex” glory days, but it is nice to see that Ciara ain’t the only one with the ability to churn out a seemingly non-stop parade of singles/videos without the benefit of any of them becoming hits.

Azealia Banks - “BBD”
Perez Hilton’s fave rapper is back with what is perhaps a track from her long-promised debut album, Broke With Expensive Taste.  It’s not as immediate for me as, say, “212” but I dig the Bell Biv DeVoe shoutouts.  Now, perhaps she can pry herself away from all of the silly Twitter beefs and get to business of releasing an official album.

Livvi Franc - “Untouchable”
Livvi Franc, yes the same sassy lass who declared “Now I’m That Bitch” a few years back, returns to the pop scene with something a little different.  Livvi re-emerges from anonymity, ditches the Rihanna trappings of her previous sound and re-imagines herself as a 2013 Alanis Morrissette.  The move is an unexpected one and once you get past the former “B*tch” gettin’ kinda granola on us with this guitar fueled power ballad, you might agree that the musical makeover kinda works, no?

Natalia Kills featuring Akon - “Bulletproof”
No, this isn’t a re-make of the La Roux hit from a couple of years ago.  Natty K. ‘n’ Akon team up for a smoothed out urban pop ballad and successfully casts Kills as a viable presence on mainstream Top 40 airwaves.  Program directors should give this girl a spin or two cuz RiRi and Katy Perry and their endless stream of hits are long overdue for a radio vaca.

Prince Royce featuring Nasri - “Even When You Cry”
Prince Royce has been doing the d*mn thing for a hot minute by racking up an impressive list of hits over on what the biz calls “Tropical Latin radio”.  Most of what I’ve heard from him has been bachata, which I’m not a huge fan of, or generic balladeering.  This recently leaked/released track “Even When You Cry” pairs Royce with producer Nasri (of “Click, Click, Click” um… “fame”) for a corny but sweet pop, english-language ballad that sounds like a throwback to the time when Backstreet and *NSYNC had the teenybopper crowd on lock.

Willow Smith - “Sugar and Spice”
OK… on the plus side, this new single suggests that someone has been listening to a lot of Florence & The Machine and Fiona Apple.  However, it’s hard to get past that the Radiohead(!) sampling vocalist on “Sugar and Spice” is the same bubbly 12 year old who was famously whipping her hair back ‘n’ forth not that long ago.  I dunno… perhaps she is working out her issues via her music and it’s not that the song is bad, but I just kinda wish that lil’ Willow would save the dark ‘n’ brooding thing for her teens and keep things light ‘n’ fluffy for her tween years.

Ester Dean - “Baby Making Love” (Video)
If the track’s production didn’t let you know that this trip in the Waaay Back Machine was making a stop in the 90s, then the Fresh Prince and Jodeci shoutouts should’ve been a dead giveaway.  Ester continues her quest in becoming Keri Hilson 2.0 by stepping from behind the pen (she co-wrote Ri’s “Rude Boy” and What’s My Name” among others) and into the spotlight with the release of “Baby Making Love”.  Dean rocks Poetic Justice braids while chillin’ with her homegirls in a bedroom that suggests that the set director used EVERYTHING they found on their 90s scavenger hunt for props.  Like Hilson, every release from Ester leaves me feeling like she’d be better off penning hits rather than trying to record them.



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