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Views At A Glance: New Drake, Kelly Rowland, Alexandra Burke and More!

Views At A Glance: New Drake, Kelly Rowland, Alexandra Burke and More!

on Apr 29 in Alexandra BurkeDrakeGameHip HopJustin TimberlakeKelly RowlandPharrellPitbullPopVideos

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Drake - “Find Your Love” (New Single)
Furthering anticipation and hype for his upcoming debut album Thank Me Later, Drizzy unleashes a cut that sounds like it was left off of 808’s & Heartbreak, which isn’t surprising as it is reportedly produced Mr. “Taylor, I’mma Let You Finish…” Himself, the one and only Kanye West.  Diehard hip hop heads are gonna hate on this cuz Drake is singing and the song is a mid-tempo electro/pop-ish track.  However, if you can dabble in poppy waters without looking foolish, I say extend your reach to as many markets as you can and get those dollars, son!

Kelly Rowland - “Commander”
I did a post last week on Kells performing her new single at some sort of dance convention/music festival, but we now have the HQ version of the single that is aiming to be her dance anthem for this summer.  As with last year’s “When Love Takes Over”, new single “Commander” was produced by french DJ extraordinaire David Guetta and while it isn’t as catchy as “When Love…”, I’m sure the Euro kids will eat this up with no problem.  Doesn’t it warm your heart to see someone else from Destiny’s Child getting a little shine?

Alexandra Burke featuring Pitbull - “All Night Long” (Video)
I continue to be impressed with the marketing of this young lady considering most X-Factor winners are always presented as ballad artists.  While she certainly has the vocal chops for something slower, La Burke’s first three singles have surprisingly been on the dancier side of the pop scale.  Originally recorded by Shawna when it was simply called “All Night”, A. Burke’s version adds a decent verse from Pitbull and slaps “Long” onto the song title and presto!... instant radio hit.  The video is a rather pedestrian affair with Lexy and her glittery eye makeup chilling at a festive but typical pool/pillow fight party in a rented mansion with a bunch of club kids from Central Casting.  I do feel bad, though, for the chick rockin’ the crayon shades as the idea would’ve seemed brilliant two months ago, pre-“Telephone”.

Christina Aguilera - “Not Myself Tonight” (Video Preview)
Don’t get hyped, the “preview” is reeeally short and the snippets suggests that the video ain’t gonna be nothin’ we ain’t seen a bazillion times before.  I was really hoping that this Bionic project was really gonna be an interesting creative direction for L’Aguilera, but its so far it seems to be noting more than a bunch of Madonna retreads.  Sigh.

Game featuring Justin Timberlake and Pharrell - “Ain’t No Doubt About It”
The line-up of artists on this track had me intrigued, but then I clicked on the link and realized that its Pharrell trying to duplicate the same vibe of Snoop’s “Beautiful” and well… it ain’t workin’ for me this time around.

Sandra Bullock Pulls An Angelina!
Usually I leave the celeb gossip up to the way big entertainment blogs to cover, but I had to chime in on this one.  So lemme get this straight, Sandy:  Seemingly minutes after you win an Oscar, you find out that your hubby was cheating on you with a string of tattooed skanks.  It also comes out that your “better half”’ is a Nazi-memorabilia-loving racist of which you were not aware.  Moreover, months after remaining silent on the saga of “Jesse’s Jumpoffs”, you suddenly re-emerge from hiding talkin’ ‘bout “Hey guys, I just adopted a baby”!  You would also like us to believe that the adoption was several years in the making and though you originally were gonna go half on an adopted black baby with your white supremacist, soon to be ex-husband, you’re just gonna go it alone now in light of your recent marital complications?  I don’t wanna be cynical, but c’mon Sandra; you sure this ain’t scene 1 of Sandy Bullock’s Release-A-Racist: A Damage Control Strategy In 3 Acts?  You’re telling us that you and that P.O.S. that you married agreed—- way back when—- to adopt a cocoa kid from New Orleans? OK, whateva girl…. but I AM lookin’ at you with a serious side eye, just so you know.



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