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Views At A Glance: New Robyn, Wynter Gordon, Christina Video Preview, Monica and More!

Views At A Glance: New Robyn, Wynter Gordon, Christina Video Preview, Monica and More!

on Jul 18 in Christina AguileraDanceKelisMonicaPopRobynVideosWynter Gordon

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Robyn - “Hang With Me” (Radio Rip)
Well, its been several week now and I’m still not love with Robbie’s latest Body Talk, Pt. 1 though “Dancing On My Own” is a jam and I foolishly didn’t realize that “None of Dem” is a banger.  Other than that, the rest of the album is a wash for me.  Pt. 2 is due in September and the first single, a dancier version of Pt. 1 album cut “Hang With Me” has finally hit the airwaves.  “Hang” isn’t as immediate for me as some of her past singles, but I’m sure it’ll grow on me—- a bit more impressive is the sorta deep house remix interpretation of the song.  It’s a shame cuz I feel like she isn’t living up to the blog hype anymore and folks just coming to the Robyn party will wonder what all the fuss was about if the new stuff is all they have as a reference.

Wynter Gordon - “Dirty Talk” (Video)
Oh Wynter, where did we go wrong?  I really thought this girl had promise after bumping leaked singles “Surveillance” and “Frustrated” for most of ‘08.  Then that unfortunate Flo Rida single happened and all of a sudden she became this spectacularly unremarkable anonymous euro-pop starlet… the “Rihanna 2.0” thing was a much better look for her, I think.  A bazillion months after she dropped the sex-less smut pop dance track “Dirty Talk” finally comes the video and???  Well, it looks like the work of some Harry Potter-loving high school sophomore who wanted to make a budget looking Britney Spears perfume commercial using iMovie and his drama department’s wardrobe for their production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  There’s a problem when Kelly Rowland is giving you the side eye and muttering “really, b*tch?” under her breath.

Christina Aguilera - “You Lost Me” (Video Preview)
Here’s hoping that “You Lost Me” will be “Beautiful 2010” and turn that Bionic train around.  Although I loved skank-era Christina, she shoulda learned her lesson the first time around in that her ho hits are never well received.  Now she’s got her work cut out for her in that those that have already written off her latest album must miraculously fall in love with this new single.  If that doesn’t work, then there’s also a dance mix that will at least be embraced by a few gay bars and ‘KTU here in New York.  Funny how she always goes back to good ol’ fashioned singing ability when the antics don’t work.  The vid is set to premiere on the 22nd.

Kelis - “4th of July” (Live At Cherry Tree Records)
Despite glowing blog love for Kelis’ latest album Flesh Tone, it doesn’t seem as though the record-buying public (they still exist, right?) is feeling eurodance Kells.  I don’t mind the uptempo direction of the album, I just couldn’t really get into any of it save for “Acapella”.  She recently stopped by Cherry Tree Records and did an “Unplugged”-esque set featuring tracks from the new album.  Of the songs she performed, I gotta say fave is her stripped down take on current single “4th of July”.  Without the annoying David Guetta beats (or whoever produced it), its actually something that I could listen to more than once!

Monica - “Love All Over Me” (Video)
Annnnd on the R&B front we have Monica.  She takes us back to the “Just One of Dem Days” era for a throwback minute before spending the better part of the rest of the vid longing for the tender touch of her incarcerated boo.  Its what you’d expect a slow jam video to be and look like, but Mon looks great and its always refreshing to see the “old” girls still doin’ it.  Ciara should be so luck to have this type of longevity.



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