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Views At A Glance: Rappin’ “Real Housewife”, Step Up 3D Trailer, Erykah Badu Tour Dates and More!

Views At A Glance: Rappin’ “Real Housewife”, Step Up 3D Trailer, Erykah Badu Tour Dates and More!

on Apr 27 in Erykah BaduFlicksGadgetsTV

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Count(l)ess LuAnn Raps!
Oh, Kim what have you and your catchy renouncing of tardy party attendance started?  In the wake of La Zolciak’s brilliantly awful “Tardy For The Party” last year, a couple of other somewhat monied broads from Bravo’s Real Housewife franchise think that they too can be z-list pop stars as well.  OC Housewife Gretchen released some dreadful Sheryl Crow-esque single not too long ago that justifiably went ignored and now Princess Pretentious, AKA NY Housewife Countess LuAnn, confuses us all by getting in the booth and pretending that “doin’ it for the upper east side househeads” is a viable career option.  “Elegance Is Learned” starts off sounding like a throwback to the kind of dance tracks that legendary DJ/producer Frankie Knuckles used to churn out in the early 90s, but by the time LuLu’s half(a$$) rap/fully autotuned vocals kick in, its obvious that the song isn’t a back in the day classic but a modern day trash-ssic.  While “Elegance” in no way matches the genius of “Tardy”, I’ll give the former Countess props for a white lady rap that manages to include the Mariah-worthy dictionary gems “panache”, “grandeur” and “savoir fair” into its intricate wordplay; take that Nicki Minaj!

Flipping Out‘s Jenni Pulos Spits A Hot 16!
Not to be outdone, Bravo also has another budding reality star slash femcee as Jenni Pulos, co-star of the network’s Flipping Out, blessed the mic not too long ago with a few choice verses about Bravo bigwig Andy Cohen and his weekly Watch What Happens: Live shenanigans (what is in the mineral water that they’re feeding these ladies?)  Even more impressive is J. Pu bravely repped for her hood on the Apollo stage back in her pre-televised house flipping days, so this girl is (sorta kinda) legit!  Take that too, Nicki Minaj!!!

Flip Slide HD Camera Hits The Market
In a week where I’m already geeked out for the arrival of Verizon’s new HTC Droid Incredible phone, I’ve also learned that FlipCam unleashed their latest addition to their squad of pocket cams recently.  Although it hasn’t been getting great reviews, the new Flip Slide HD offers 16GB of hard drive space to record video (that’s about 4 hours) and it boasts a screen that flips up for easy viewing and turns into a touch screen when shooting video.  This one isn’t rockin’ my world and I just copped the Flip HD Mino last year, so I’mma sit this one out.

Step Up 3D Trailer
As far as dance movies go, the first Step Up was a pretty decent and surprisingly cohesive flick.  The second one was a flimsy story barely held together with infinitely better and more elaborately staged dance sequences.  I have a feeling that this new 3D outing will raise the bar even higher with its “oooh wow!” dance scenes… and I betcha the magic of the three dimensional boogie battles will be tragically interrupted by some wack plot and the same cast of lame characters that nobody cared about from the first sequel.  Things can’t be too good when you find yourself longing for the thespian mastery of Channing Tatum.

Lolene - “Electrik Hotel” Trailer
I did a post on Lolene late last year after she unleashed a “buzz video” for her buzz single, “Sexy People”.  She’s planning on releasing a full-length album in 2010 and she’s assembled this sneak peek video to promote the new album.  While I dig the “Electrick Hotel” concept, the follow-through comes off kinda budget as each preview of what I’m assuming are tracks to be featured on the album is near identical shots of Leney vamping in the same dusty hotel room.  Even without a huge budget, I think it does a disservice to the supposed eclectic nature of the album to have the artist present each track in the same manor.  To make matters worse, none of Lole’s new material sounds like its gonna potentially pique the interest of anyone who tends to worship at the altar of hot, young pop star.  Good luck with that, girl.

Erykah Badu Out My Mind… Tour Dates
Riding high off the controversy surrounding her latest video “Window Seat”, La ‘Du announces dates and venues for her upcoming Out My Mind, Just In Time Tour 2010 AD.  It promises to be the R&B tour of the year as certain dates will feature Janelle Monae, Maxwell and/or N.E.R.D.  However, don’t buy a ticket expecting more nude frolicking from E. Bad… I’m just sayin’.



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