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Views At A Glance: Rihanna, Christina, The Dream

Views At A Glance: Rihanna, Christina, The Dream

on May 19 in Christina AguileraPopR&BRihannaThe DreamTV

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Rihanna - “Rockstar 101” (Preview)
I’m not a fan of the song at all and the video looks like its gonna be RiRi’s now patented “glossy fashion spread come to life” schtick, so I can’t say that I’m really checkin’ for it.  I dunno, seeing her rockin’ one of Lil’ Kim’s old wigs on an empty soundstage didn’t really do it for me so I’m hoping that there is something more interesting goin’ on with the video than just that.  Check for the premiere May 25th.

Christina Aguilera - “Bionic”
Team Aggs is really trying to save this album considering the chart performance of lead single “Not Myself Tonight” was less than stellar.  After posting some “Me & Gaga?... We cool” press release on her website a few days ago, Chrissy leaks the title track from her upcoming album.  While this is more along the lines, musically speaking, of what I thought this album was gonna sound like, “Bionic” still didn’t really wow me.  It sounds like Christina trying to do a M.I.A/Santigold track (and yes I know they worked on the song) as opposed to it being a true fusion of the each artist’s sound.  Perhaps its a grower, but I was really hoping for something along the lines of “Wow!” with this song.

The Dream - “One In A Million”
Perhaps Dream was inspired to dedicate this to his new bride/mother of his child and that is fine; however, releasing said dedication onto these here internets wasn’t really a good idea cuz he kinda sh*ttted on a classic.  Both Aaliyah’s vocal and Timbaland’s production are the definitive version so it was a wee bit very unnecessary for Dream to even think about trying to tackle this song—- I couldn’t even make it all the way through this mess.  Despite the good intentions, I’m sure even C. Mili would rather hear the original.

NeNe’s New No-Nose!
WTF???  La Ne’s face was perfectly fine and symmetrical before so I’m not sure what kind of self-hating mess she was going through to make her wanna chop her schnoz in half.  Her nose now looks as though its being swallowed by the rest of her facial features… is the buxom tranny look the business now?



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