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Views At A Glance: Robyn, “Bionic” Preview, Amerie and More!

Views At A Glance: Robyn, “Bionic” Preview, Amerie and More!

on May 21 in AmerieChristina AguileraJanet JacksonLady GagaPopR&BRobynTV

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“Bionic” - Full Album Preview
You know, I finally realized what has bothered me the most about this Bionic business.  Ya see, many moons ago L’Aguilera promised a new direction that would explore more of a “futuristic electro dance” sound for her next album.  Now that I’ve just done a post on the latest Goldfrapp video and listened to a handful of their older tracks, it dawned on me that I was expecting X-Tina’s latest to sound something like this.  However, based on the 30 second snippets of the complete album, I now see that what she really meant was “my next album is gonna be a musically non-cohesive assembling of tracks, some of which will have familiar dance influences, that the label will try to convince the record-buying/downloading public are single-worthy.”  Had she said that from the jump, perhaps I would’ve given “Not Myself Tonight” a warmer welcome… well not really, but it sounded nice as I was typing it.

Robyn - “Dancing On My Own” (Video Preview)
As much as I love Robyn, I gotta admit that I’m not really in love with her latest, Body Talk Pt.1.  What gives me hope is the promise that there will be two more album releases from her this year, so perhaps she is building up to the truly amazing stuff.  In the meantime, she’s just released a teaser for the video of current single “Dancing On My Own”, pretty much the only thing of her new ish that I consider iPod-bump-able.  The video is scheduled to premiere today, 5/21.

Amerie - “Who’s Gonna Love U”
It’s a shame that Amerie’s last album In Love & War flopped cuz there were definitely some singles on it and “Heard Em All” should’ve been huge!  Perhaps Def Jam was channeling all of their energy and promo dollars into Rihanna’s project, but it just ain’t right to sign A-Dizzle to the label and then ignore her when its time to push the album.  In any case, a “new” track has leaked from La ‘Merie and though it might not be strong enough to work as a single, “Who’s Gonna Love U” gives us an idea of what she sounds like doing an “Umbrella”-with-more-of-an-R&B-vibe-to-it type of song… I dig it.

“Glee” Goes Gaga
I didn’t really think the Madonna episode of Glee was great… it was OK, but it definitely didn’t live up to the hype and it was nothing that would qualify as “classic”.  Now the show continues to flirt with becoming a victim of its own success by repeating this theme idea with a Gaga episode (a Britney edition is also reportedly in the works.)  To their credit, they’re not devoting the entire show to La Ga like they did with Madge so perhaps this idea won’t seem as forced this time around.  Now, they could abandon this gimmicky theme nonsense alltogether and get back to writing a good show and I wouldn’t be mad at all.

Janet Takes It Off!
Wow… people are really hating on Jan’s new ‘do but I applaud anytime a sista is brave enough to keep it short ‘n’ sweet.  La Doo-blay J has given us plenty of weave variations over the years so I think its pretty fly that she opted to pull a Solange and let her scalp breathe with this latest follicle statement… and I think she can pull it off.  Plus, methinks some of her detractors are chicks that NEED long flowing locks to camouflage an “easy, breezy, cover (it up) girl” face and the others are simply lace front zombies that equate beauty with hair length.

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