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Views At A Glance: Will i Am & Britney, Sia x “Diamonds”, Dawn Richard, Jordan Knight x Old Navy

Views At A Glance: Will i Am & Britney, Sia x “Diamonds”, Dawn Richard, Jordan Knight x Old Navy

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Will.i.Am featuring Britney Spears - “Scream & Shout”
I mean, the dancers do their thing but other than that this video is all kinds of “meh”—- Unapologetic product placement, a reasonably lucid Britney and Will still doing his “Boom Boom Pow” schtick make for a rather dull set of visuals.  OK yeah, Brit looks kinda hot but that isn’t enough to save the “go nowhere” pointlessness of the song and its equally uninteresting uh… “concept”.

Sia - “Diamonds” (Rihanna Cover)
The funny thing is that “Diamonds” is very much a Sia record… and yes, I’m aware that she co-wrote it.  A lot of cadences in Rihanna’s vocal on the track sound Sia-esque so I was all set to be blown away after discovering this clip of SiSi attempting to reclaim the song from RiRi.  However, I find myself actually preferring Ri’s slightly different take on the track and consider it, after 100 plus spins, the definitive version.  It’s that mix of Rihanna’s Bajan accent coupled with her aping Sia’s vocal tics that make for a slightly more interesting interpretation.  Sia gave it a good shot though, but sometimes better pipes don’t always triumph.

Robin Skouteris - “Pop Love 2012”
Beating DJ Earworm to the megamix pop punch this year is Mr. Skouteris and his clever mash-up of recent hits from Top 40 radio.  While I still give the edge to Earworm’s productions as his choice of lyric samples often cleverly play off of each other, this “Pop Love 2012” business is still an impressive effort.  Although if we’re gonna be a stickler for detail, the mix is called “Pop Love 2012” even though some of the featured songs are from last year—- no biggie, but worth noting.

Jordan Knight featuring Boyz II Men and Johnny Mathis - “Twas The Jordan Knight Before Christmas”
90’s stand up!  NKOTB frontman Jordan Knight earns a few cool points in this intentionally(?) corny ad for Old Navy.  Also along for the ride are Boyz II Men who manage to sneak in a few classic “Motownphilly” harmonies amidst all of the yuletide sweater shoutouts.  One Direction if you’re lucky, this will be your future!

Dawn Richard - “Miles”
This ain’t yo daddy’s Christmas music!  Dawn previews her upcoming holiday-themed EP Whiteout, due December 1, with the release of “Miles”.  The track is a somber, drum ‘n’ bass-y affair that recalls Brandy’s equally moody and equally drum ‘n’ bass-y contribution “Thought You Said” from Diddy’s Press Play album.  I admittedly have to count myself among the “everyone” who Dawn has said “might not get it” although I completely respect that she has opted to think outside of the box with regards to her jingle jams.  I dunno… I guess I need to give it a few more spins.  Speaking of Christmas tunes…

Karmin - “Sleigh Ride”
After expanding their YouTube following this year with the release of their official debut album, Karmin closes 2012 with their take on the classic “Sleigh Ride”.  I usually find myself rooting for these guys but I’m not really feeling their take on “Sleigh” nor the video which comes off like a way too long Target commercial.  It can’t possibly a good thing if the feedback for your new video is, “Ummm… it’s OK, but Jordan Knight did it better.”

Givenchy x H&M?
Perhaps I was still bitter from not being able to cop what I wanted from the Versace x H&M collection, but somehow I didn’t find out about H’s recent collaboration with Margiela until it was in the stores!  While I was relieved that there weren’t any “MUST have” items from the collection, I was more than mildly intrigued when these here internets started buzzing about this Givenchy thing.  Click the link to read more about it and then decide for yourself if it’s really going down. 



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