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Views At A Glance: MGMT, 30 Seconds To Mars, Nicki Minaj, “The Hills” and More!

Views At A Glance: MGMT, 30 Seconds To Mars, Nicki Minaj, “The Hills” and More!

on Apr 02 in 30 Seconds To MarsHip HopMary J. BligeMGMTNicki MinajRock/Indie RockRicky MartinTVVideos

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MGMT - “Flash Delirium” (Video)
Those hoping for another “Electric Feel” are gonna be sorely disappointed.  This new clip takes stock creepy types from central casting and blends them into a bizarre Rocky Horror stew that also has a pinch of creepy dummies, simulated intercourse and a talking neck just in case the bizarre proceedings weren’t spicy enough for ya.  Oh, and there’s a flute… or a piccolo; I get the two confused.

30 Seconds To Mars - “Bad Romance” (BBC Live Lounge 1 Performance)
Jordan Catalano ‘n’ dem take on Gag’s goth pop hit and transform it into a sleazy modern rock ballad with re-worked lyrics to up the kink factor… enjoy!

Nicki Minaj - “Massive Attack” (Video)
This chick is still pushing the Barbie thing in a video that acts like Rihanna and Lil’ Kim haven’t already done most of this before.  Along for the ride are “America’s Best Demonic Crew”, Kanye’s fembot arm candy, and the persistent coattail riding antics of producer/would-be solo artist Sean Garrett… let it go; not everyone can be Pharrell.  Oh, and the song sucks in a major way too.

Mary J. Blige featuring Jay Sean - “Each Tear” (Video)
Mary teams up with UK popster Jay Sean for the least interesting of the new tracks included on the international release of Stronger With Each Tear.  There’s nothing really to see here ‘cept for MJB rocking sunglasses in certain scenes… what is that???

The Hills - Season 6 Trailer
As a shoutout to my MTV peeps, I’m posting the trailer for what is reportedly the last season for the aging “reality” hit The Hills.  You know the routine: skinny blondes and the goofy d*ouchebags who fall for them in a world of self absorption and entitlement, all of which makes you question the fairness of life.  Oh, and there is an embalmed monkey playing the role of “Heidi” this season in an effort, I suppose, to attact the lucrative alien primate demographic.

Also, some dude named uh… Ricky Martin came out?



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