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Views At A Glance: “Scream 4”, Prince Tour, TI, Robyn, Sean Paul and More!

Views At A Glance: “Scream 4”, Prince Tour, TI, Robyn, Sean Paul and More!

on Oct 29 in Bob SinclairDanceFlicksHip HopNicki MinajPopPrinceRobynSean PaulT.I.Videos

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Scream 4 (Trailer)
The first one was kinda brillz and the sequels were all, unsurprisingly, a steaming pile of… well, they weren’t good.  The latest finds recent former boos David Arquette and Courtney Cox as well as 90’s relic Neve Campbell returning for the final and if not best, hopefully at least somewhat good, chapter of this franchise.

Nicki Minaj - “Right Through Me” (Video)
Meh… no thanks.  One Nicki video drop per week is enough for me and I kinda gave her props—- sorta—- for the Will.I.Am joint.  This, however? Ummm, no.  Exceptionally bad Tyler Perry melodrama (redundant, I know) opens a video that eventually becomes… Beyonce’s “Halo”???  I mean, she did have the good sense to put the kiddie wigs on pause for a moment, but this gets no love from me.  Sorry, Nics.

T.I. - “Ya Hear Me” (Video) (Dirty Lyrics)
In light of his recent pending return engagement to prison, some of his braggadocious rhymes in “Ya Hear Me” get a “yeah OK, homey” side eye from me, but its still a treat to have T.I.P rush release material before he goes back to the pokey.  Nothing extravagant here: just a blue tint, some rapper cameos, a budget Roots playing back up, and Mr. Harris trying to make hip hop grunge happen again.

Bob Sinclair featuring Sean Paul - “Tik Tok” (Video)
Breathe easy, y’all; Mr. “just gimme da light and pass the ‘dro” is not covering Kesha (I refuse to type that silly a$$ dollar sign in her name.)  No, Sir Paul has hooked up with french DJ/producer Bob Sinclair, best known in the U.S for that “Rock This Party” wretchedness from a few summers ago, for something not quite as bad, but hardly good either.  S. Pizzy does his patented patois rap thing over what sounds like “If U Seek Amy” hyped up on Red Bull while sensory assaulting graphics try in vain to make this record interesting.  I’m gonna pass considering this mess is clearly targeted for the Snooki crowd.

Prince - Welcome 2 America Tour Ad
The two celebrities I get compared to oh so often are Ludacris and Prince.  I don’t see the resemblance between me or either one of them, but I’m just glad that my designated celebu-twin are not a complete horror.  My two biggest concert regrets are not having seen Michael or Prince live but with Mr. Rogers Nelson’s recently announced U.S. trek, I can at least right one of those wrongs.  Get ticket info here.

Robyn - “Indestructable” (Video)
I usually ride with Robby but this latest single/video has been a colossal letdown.  Although the colored liquid tube shirt was cool, it certainly wasn’t enough to excuse the rest of the video for being a lame Calvin Klein perfume commercial.  Where is the crazyfunkycool, self-proclaimed “bad b*tch” Swede that I fell in love with?  Where’d she go?



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