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Vinicius - “Easy” (Video)

Vinicius - “Easy” (Video)

on Jun 13 in K-Pop/K-R&B/K-Hip HopVideosVinicius

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When it comes to K-Pop/R&B/Hip Hop, I usually love the video OR the song… very rarely is it both.  While the visuals for “Easy” are decent, it’s really the track that is the star here.

Agency giant SM continues to highlight artists outside of its usual glossy pop output with the latest in the “SM Station” release series.  Vinicius is a Seoul-based singer-songwriter with a penchant for crafting the kind of mellowed out R&B jams that soundtrack your night at a dimly lit, grown ‘n’ sexy lounge full of velvet furniture.  New single “Easy” adopts an “after hours house” kind of vibe which still works for when you’re in a “good drinks and even better conversation” situation.

Again, the video isn’t really anything you need to see twice—- and if you’ve seen Zion T’s clip for “The Song” then you’ve already seen it once—- but you might find yourself bumping the song a few times!



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