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Voices Of The “Vice”

Voices Of The “Vice”

on Aug 12 in 80'sPopR&BTVVideos

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Ahhh, the fantasitcal power of the internet never ceases to amaze me.

So, some random episode of Miami Vice was playing in the background on my TV last night which got me to thinking about the “Where Are They Now?” status of Crockett & Tubbs, played to pastel perfection by Don Johnson and Phillip Michael Thomas.  A couple of Google clicks later I found myself on YouTube where I was reminded that both of these cats fancied themselves singers at the height of M.V. mania!  Don was convinced that he was the new Bryan Adams and P.M.T thought he was the rico suave second coming of Luther, I guess.

Both videos are retro-liciously tacky, unintentionally hilarious and undeniable 80s and though I think Don had a smidge more success with his attempt at a singing career (I think there may have even been a second album!), I’m gonna give the crooner crown to ol’ smooth Philly Mike cuz his video of “Rock With You” lasers, Solid Gold bikini quartets, and ridiculous sign language choreography trumps D. Jo’s “Huh? Wha?” war journalist-themed clip any day.

I dare you to try and make it through both!



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