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Willy Moon - “Yeah Yeah” (Video)

Willy Moon - “Yeah Yeah” (Video)

on Oct 18 in Hip HopPopTV/Web/Print AdsVideosWilly Moon

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Apple’s current TV commercial may not have convinced me to buy a new iPod, but it certainly sold me on the song that they used!  Willy Moon’s “Yeah Yeah” being chosen as the soundtrack for their latest ad may just be the mainstream blessing that the London-based artist needs to break into the U.S.

What struck me initially was the frenetic production of the track, a mishmash of break beats, blaring horns and James Brown-sounding samples that recall the early 2000s when Rich Harrison ruled radio with go-go based bangers like “1 Thing” and “Crazy In Love”.  The song’s busy instrumentation gets fleshed out with the laid back but earnest geeky white boy rapping skills of “Big Willy”.  Rakim won’t have to hand over the golden mic anytime soon, but Wills does his thing and holds it down his fellow vanilla rhymin’ brethren.

The video is a mind trip not because its star bears a more than passing resemblance to comedian and Comedy Central’s Tosh.0 star Daniel Tosh, but rather because the visuals equally recall Thomas Dolby’s 80s classic “She Blinded With Me Science” as well as er, Ashlee Simpson’s “Outta My Head”.  Simpson sister reference aside, “Yeah Yeah” is the proverbial fresh breath among air(waves) too congested with europop.  Grade: B

NOTE:  There doesn’t seem to be an embeddable version of the video available so click here to check it out.  Apple’s take on “Yeah” is below as well as another choice tune from Mr. Moon.

** UPDATE ** It seems the newfound iPod-powered success of the song has warranted a second version of the video which is (yaaay!) embedabble featuring choreography that is a quirky mix of equal parts 60’s mod and 90’s Janet Jackson.



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