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Wisin featuring Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin - “Adrenalina” ** UPDATED WITH VIDEO **

Wisin featuring Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin - “Adrenalina” ** UPDATED WITH VIDEO **

on Feb 25 in Jennifer LopezLatin Pop/UrbanoRicky MartinWisin

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In this era of Wisin and Yandel pursuing solo projects, I have admittedly been leaning a bit more towards Team Yandel, but this new banger from Wisin has me thinking that I shouldn’t be so quick in choosing a side.

Although they’re listed as featured artists, Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez are doing the heavy lifting here so it makes sense that Wisin’s lead credit aside, “Adrenalina” is the result of taking what made the Rickster’s “La Copa De La Vida” and J. Lo’s “Dance Again” work and fusing those elements into one song.  The Brazilian drums from “Copa”?  That generic yet peppy eurodance production from “Dance”?  Yeah, they’re both here and poised to make good on “Adrenalina” and its shameless bid to be the go to track for sporting events and zumba instructors for the next several months.

So yeah I’m gonna go ahead and give Wisin props for finally coming up with a bonafide hit as a “solo artist”, but his partner Yandel has been doing the same for the past year with and without the assistance of other big name artists… just sayin’.


After weeks of social media teasing with clips and pix from the shoot, the full-length video for “Adrenalina” has finally dropped.  To know Wisin & Yandel is to know that they love a dramtatic slo-mo video opening, so of course we get that here and a bedazzled hoodie reveal of Wis to boot!  Not to be outdone, J. Lo and Ricky Martin are in full on superstar mode with J. Lo obliging us with some throwback booty shots and a bit of choreo (love the “hair leash” bit) while Ricky busies himself looking pretty and generating a lil’ heat with Jenny From The Block and thus, confusing his fans.

There isn’t anything ground-breaking going on here, but the video works because of the trio’s undeniable star power and the director’s gift for making a beautiful something out of nothing.  Grade: B



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