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Wisin & Yandel - “Te Siento” (Video)

Wisin & Yandel - “Te Siento” (Video)

on Mar 31 in Latin Pop/UrbanoReggaetonVideosWisin & Yandel

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OK, I know I’m a little late on this one, but its just impossible to be RIGHT NOW! about everything as there are moments of the day that I live away, yes away, from my computer.

I’m sure there are some of you thinking that you have no idea who these dudes are, but if you live anywhere near a spanish-speaking population, then you’ve probably heard at least one of their songs blasting from a car/living room/sound emitter of choice at some point.  If Daddy Yankee is the king of reggaeton, then Wisin y Yandel are undoubtedly the muy suave crowned princes of the genre.  They’ve also collaborated in the past with the mainstream likes of R. Kelly, 50 Cent, Nelly Furtado, T-Pain, and Enrique Iglesias so don’t sleep; they are huge!  The combo of their trademark sing song-y/rap style and slick beats have been creating club heaters for a minute now and “Te Siento”  joins W.Y.‘s long list of ear candy radio hits.

The video for their latest single finds Wis ‘n’ Yan teaming up once again with director Jessy Terrero who provides them with a formulaic but ultimately effective clip.  “Te Siento” reminds me of Sean Paul’s best work in that the video’s polished look, styling, and choreography more than makes up for the fact that there isn’t really that much goin’ on.  Plot or no, “El Duo Dinamico”‘s collaborations with Terrero always results in cinematic visuals with high production values.  This time around its just the boys, their trademark sunnies, some grooving dancers and a couple of colorful lights.

Yes, their styling sometimes flies dangerously close to over-blinged/Ed Hardy d*uchebag territory, but more often than not, they get the “mack daddy at the club” thing right.  What I like most about these dudes is that their cool ‘n’  laid back swag doesn’t seemed forced and as the new video proves, if ya sell it to me right, then sometimes simplicity all I need.  Grade: B

NOTE:  I’ve also included the video for what is probably their biggest/most “mainstream” hit “Rakata” (which features Yandel rockin’ cornrows!) and the clip for recent hit “Abusadora” which was kinda my jam not too ago.




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