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Wisin & Yandel - “Zun Zun Rompiendo Caderas” (Video)

Wisin & Yandel - “Zun Zun Rompiendo Caderas” (Video)

on Apr 14 in Latin Pop/UrbanoReggaetonRicky MartinVideosWisin & Yandel

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Wait… so I’ve had this song on repeat for months now, my iTunes says its my most played track of 2011 so far, I did choreography for the remix months ago and I knew the video was on its way.  So um, how the heck did I miss the fact that it was released… in January????  After watching umpteen behind the scenes viral videos I kept thinking, “When are they just gonna release the d*mn video, already!” not realizing that duh, they did!

So yes, I’m late on this one; but for those of you that were just as clueless as I was, I present to you the… well, latest from reggaeton kings Wisin & Yandel.  Having seen the “making of” footage I was already well prepared that the video was not gonna be what I was hoping for but I decided I’d wait to see the finished product.  And?  Um yeah, no me gusta.

“Zun Zun” is a certified club banger that begs for hot choreo with shots of sexy people “rompiendo-ing” their caderas (breaking hips) while W&Y swag it out behind their trademark shades in some exotic locale—- that’s what I was hoping for.  Instead, we get a Wisin & Yandel Cirque De Say What? complete with Harajuku Latinas in Katy Perry drag, aerialists, showgirls, Middle Eastern dancers, and assorted honeys doing video vixen 101 choreo all while yes, Wis ‘n’ Yan swag it out behind their trademark shades on an exotic err, soundstage.  The remix takes a hot song and makes it hotter with some choice verses from Pitbull and Tego Calderon but unfortunately, their appearances in the remix video don’t do anything to help the “WTF”-ness of the concept.

I mean yes, they clearly had a decent sized budget so the clip looks great and perhaps I should commend them for not going the obvious route.  However, I’m not sure if “Wisin & Yandel Present: Vegas, En Vivo!” was exactly the way to go either.  Grade: C+

Also check out the fellas as they give Ricky Martin a lil’ “street cred” by jumping on his new single “Frio”, quite possibly the best thing The Rickster has released in years. 





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