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Yandel featuring Gilberto Santa Rosa - “En La Oscuridad” (Versión Salsa)

Yandel featuring Gilberto Santa Rosa - “En La Oscuridad” (Versión Salsa)

on Aug 11 in Latin Pop/UrbanoYandel

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While I’m curious to see what the self-proclaimed “duro” has in store for us with his upcoming EP release, I’m perfectly fine continuing to bump select tracks off of Yandel’s De Lider A Leyenda album that dropped late last year.  The song that my iTunes claims that I had on repeat the most for all of 2013 was Yan’s mid-tempo banger “El La Oscuridad”.

The Instagram teaser from this past spring which hinted that a salsa makeover of the tune featuring Gilberto Santa Rosa was in the works had my anticipation at crack fiend level status waiting to hear the full version.  Months went by with not a peep as to whether the track was a stand alone release or part of a bigger project until it was finally released earlier this summer.  However, it was just a wee bit of a letdown after all the hype, well I was hyped for it, that my mind wasn’t instantly blown upon the first listen.  While Gilberto is obviously in his element here, it seems a bit of a cop out on Yandel’s part to have seemingly simply cut and pasted his original vocals with a few incidental new shoutouts into the new mix when a vocal do-over would’ve been the better choice.  It’s also obvious that the G-Man is holding back in an effort to not overpower his duet partner.

Minor quibbles aside, I am feeling this remix and it’s kinda cool that Yandel stepped out of his reggaeton/latin pop comfort zone for a minute and tried something new.  Since the W&Y juggernaut is exploring new sonic territories, perhaps we can expect a trap remix of something off of Wisin’s solo album in the next few months?



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