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Yandel - “Hablé De Ti” (Video)

Yandel - “Hablé De Ti” (Video)

on Sep 03 in Latin Pop/UrbanoPopYandel

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I don’t care that it’s often “more of the same” with these guys, I rocks with Wisin & Yandel!  The slick album packaging, the extravagant videos, the swagged out “goin’ to tha club” styling—- yes, I love the W&Y aesthetic because it is gloriously sooo over the top.  Yandel’s latest solo video offering doesn’t stray too far from the duo’s big budget inclinations as a full minute and a half passes before the song decides to finally show up to the party.

“Hablé De Ti” places Yanz in some exotic, black and white CGI world inhabited by only him, a pair of hot asian models, a falcon and the sexiest.car.I.have.ever.seen.  Yes, that minute plus intro was as unnecessary as it was necessary cuz it allowed a proper introduction to that sweet a$$ ride.  Nothing else really happens… Yanny rocks various black leather jackets and sunnies, there are some uneventful mirror effects and plenty of panning shots.  However, the photography is stunning and the video is best experienced in HD.

Is the song a bit shameless for ripping off Swedish House Mafia’s “Don’t You Worry Child”? Yes.  Does the track sound like something Enrique Iglesias did a few years ago?  OK well, yeah—- And it is a bit weird to not have Yandel’s autotuned crooning frame one of Wisin’s trademark Red Bull-fueled rap verses.  But again, it’s Wisin & Yandel so I don’t care cuz between the catchy tunes and the shiny videos, these dudes got the smoke & mirrors thing on lock. Grade: B



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