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Yandel - “Hasta Abajo” (Video)

Yandel - “Hasta Abajo” (Video)

on Nov 14 in Latin Pop/UrbanoVideosYandel

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Wisin & Yandel seem to be riding this “did they or didn’t they?” break-up rumor wave with admirable finesse as each uses the media attention to direct the focus to their solo projects.  While the (Q) jury is still out on whether their “split” is a well orchestrated publicity stunt, Yandel seems to be making the most of his time off from Wisin having dropped two singles and an album since the whispers started this past spring.

Yanny’s been goin’ hard on his promo hustle recently including dropping a video for “Hasta Abajo”, the second single from his recently released solo album De Lider A Leyenda.  This latest video doesn’t stray too far—- that is to say, “it doesn’t stray at all”—- from the winning W&Y video formula.  You’ve got the extended intro where our star arrives in typical dramatic fashion (this time in a vintage whip while a black stallion gallops nearby in slow motion).  You’ve got the hot rented model to serve as a sorta love interest.  You’ve got an expensive location and of course, you have the pack of dancers enthusiastically two-stepping throughout the entire affair.

So Senor Y, dressed in what looks like pieces from the Fly Papi Clubwear Collection, shows up in some deserted town, runs into J. Lo’s boy toy, kicks some dirt around, sets a car on fire, lip syncs on a hill and busts out his signature Yan-dance which is also incorporated into the dance troupe’s choreography.  No, there isn’t anything new or revolutionary happening here and I’m OK with that; it ain’t broke so Yandel ain’t tryin’ to fix it—- the video is the perfect visual complement to the song’s slick glossy production.  Grade: B-

UPDATE: Well, so much for my publicity stunt theory—- the duo is currently appearing together on La Voz Mexico (Mexico’s version of The Voice) and they just did a concert the other night at the State Farm Arena in Texas.




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