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Yemi Alade featuring Slimcase & Brainee - “Yaji” & “Bounce” (Video)

Yemi Alade featuring Slimcase & Brainee - “Yaji” & “Bounce” (Video)

on Jun 07 in Passport TunesVideosYemi Alade

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Shouts to the DJ at Forever 21 who put me on to Yemi Alade—- If I didn’t need a pair of shorts that fateful afternoon, I might still not know about this Nigerian queen.

I’m a little late to the Yemi party, but I’m liking what I’ve heard so far and she’s definitely giving me a slight Foxy Brown vibe in her latest video “Yaji”. Making liberal use of animal print, burning cars, colored lights and a pair of pom pom ponytails, the thicker than a Snicker Miz Alade shares screen time with a squad of dancers and rappers Slimcase & Brainee making sure you don’t forget that “Ghana girls go bum bum bum”. Oh to be in a club the moment this song drops…

Check it out for yourself below and good luck staying still cuz that hook ain’t no joke!

** UPDATE **

OK, so a few days after posting this review, Yemi dropped a new video/single called “Bounce”. While the track isn’t as immediate as “Yaji”, I’m kinda feeling the Afri-Gaga J. Blige Monae styling vibes and the dancing is on point. However, the production quality of the video definitely would’ve been better served if they had sprung for a few extra lights during some of those dim (on purpose?) dance scenes.




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