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Yes, MORE “Rolling In The Deep” Remixes

Yes, MORE “Rolling In The Deep” Remixes

on Apr 12 in AdeleBritney SpearsDancePop

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At this point, errrbody and their momma’s momma’s… momma has taken a stab at refashioning Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep” into something that they can claim as their own.  From remixes to re-makes, the results have varied from noteworthy (John Legend) to “no, thank you” (Mike Posner).

With the exception of the Villa remix, I’ve pretty much passed on most of the dance mixes as they seem to suck the soul out of the song placing more of a focus on unneeded bells, whistles and varied assorted cacophonous aural distractions (sorry… had a “English major” moment).  However two new unofficial club mixes have surfaced that piqued my interest.  The “Rolling Till The World Ends” version is interesting cuz it places ‘Delly’s mournful crooning atop a plastic electropop Britney instrumental… and it works.  The Avicii mix gets a thumbs up from me simply for re-imagining the song as a back in the day club thumper with some classic 90’s house piano action chugging along throughout the mix.

Check ‘em both out and if you haven’t already, catch up on a couple of other choice hot mixes featured in a previous post here.

“Rolling Till The World Ends” (Adele x Britney Mash-Up)

Download Link

“Rolling In The Deep” (Avicii Meets Philgood Saturday Mix)

Download Link

UPDATE:  “OK, so I’m pretty much done with “Rolling In The Deep” remixes; I don’t think I can bring myself to listen to yet another interpretation”... that’s what I thought and then I heard Luxar’s take on the track.  What the h*ll am I gonna do with all these different versions???  While Avicii’s mix time travels back to the 90’s, the Luxar remix does it one decade better and refashions the now over-refashioned song into a “Don’t Disturb This Groove”-esque 80’s synth/funk jam.  I likey… but can we now move on to another song?

“Rolling In The Deep” (Luxar Remix)


Image via One Crafty Fox



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