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Yoonmirae featuring Junoflo - “You & Me” (Video)

Yoonmirae featuring Junoflo - “You & Me” (Video)

on Jul 12 in JunofloK-Pop/K-R&B/K-Hip HopPassport TunesVideosYoonmirae

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As much as I love the over top visuals and anything goes production of most K-Pop, the criminally slept on K-R&B/Hip Hop scene should, in a just world, be getting just as much international love and attention as the boys of BTS.

I’ve been on up on Yoonmirae for only a few years, but she’s been doing her thing since the early 2000’s.  American born and partially raised in South Korea, Yoon’s multicultural push in her videos isn’t just a disposable aesthetic, but a unique nod to her biracial roots.  She returns with Gemini 2, an album chock full of solid production and impressive verses which will no doubt cement her status as the top female MC in South Korea.

The album’s first single “You & Me” is a chill midtempo slice of R&B that easily fits on your summer playlist alongside “Boo’d Up” and “In My Feelings”.  The video is equally as chill featuring Yoon rounding up a few of her b-boy, waacking and voguing buddies to simply vibe out in front of the camera… squad goals indeed.  Junofly also stops by to contribute a verse which lead me to revisiting some his recent releases as well.

Pour yourself something minty and refreshing and get all up in the summertime feel goodery of “You & Me” as well as the track that put me on to Yoonmirae, 2015’s “Bang Diggy Bang Bang”, and why not… get to know Junofly via his latest as well.





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