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Yuna - “Live Your Life” (Video)

Yuna - “Live Your Life” (Video)

on Mar 05 in Indie PopPharrellR&BVideosYuna

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If Sade had a Malaysian daughter, I imagine that she’d be making music like this.  Armed with exotic good looks, Badu-esque glam bohemian swag, and the good fortune of having Pharrell lacing her tracks (well… at least this one, for now), new artist Yuna quietly just dropped a video for the insta-jam that is “Live Your Life”.  Oh, and if ever I could travel back to a super chill but oh so fly yacht party full of ghetto fabulous artsy types in the 70’s on a summer evening, I would have no problem goin’ to the DJ booth and asking him or her to give this record a spin.  What can I say… I loves me an event-perfect soundtrack.

Yuna’s voice is this unique soulful R&B chanteuse/folk-y indie pop girlie chirp hybrid that easily glides along the funky throwback groove session vibe of “Live…” just as effortlessly as it does coffeehouse ballad “Deeper Conversation”.  While the video is by no means anything particularly game-changing—- the ‘roaming the streets of NYC’ thing has been done um, a few times before—- the visuals provide an opportunity for the uninitiated to engage in a bit of “Wait, that voice belongs to this girl?”

I’m still in the process of devouring La Yu’s other music but in addition to the single, I’ve also immediately fallen in love with the trip hop-y “Fears and Frustrations” which sounds like the musical lovechild of Björk and WuTang Clan.  Although I’m sure Miss Yu’s material might be a bit too “adventurous” for the David Guttea dance pop culture that is currently strangling Top 40 radio, wouldn’t it be nice if between all of the AutoTuned robo hits we were sometimes force fed music like this… y’know, stuff that is good and good for you?

Check out the video and then sample some of her other tunes below including a cover of the Nirvana classic “Come As You Are”.  You can also catch up on all things Yuna by stopping by her website as well.






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