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Zak Abel - “Unstable” (Video)

Zak Abel - “Unstable” (Video)

on Nov 02 in VideosZak Abel

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The funny thing—- to me, at least—- is that I discovered Zak Abel via YouTube singing with Korean R&B artist Dean and I thought, “Meh… this guy’s doin’ too much.”  Too much-edness aside, I Googled him and found myself actually liking his original material way more than when he’s over singing Bruno Mars covers!

Zak is like a kinda cooler, more James Dean-y, less coffee house version of Ed Sheeran, a singer/songwriter who weaves tales of relationship woes into catchy pop gold and waits for the inevitable swoons of his targeted female fanbase.  The video for “Unstable” is a perfect fit for the world pop vibe of the song as the clip uses Cape Town, South Africa as a backdrop for the parade of trendy, multiculti Pepsi ad models featured throughout.  “Only When We’re Naked” finds Zak taking his world pop leanings and fusing it with the kind of chill house experiments that are the signature sound of Masters At Work/“Little” Louie Vega.  “All I Ever Do” is yet another solid track that borrows from soca/dancehall without resorting to the now cliché “tropical” sound that Bieber popularized a few years back.  And finally, I’m including “Unmissable”, a collaboration with Gorgon City and Zak’s debut single that cast him convincingly as the lead of an uplifting soulful house revival, the kind of record that UK producers/DJs have mastered.

Do yourself a favor and judge Zak not for his take on “24K Magic”, but rather for his own impressive solo work.  You can also sample snippets from his recent full-length debut album Only When We’re Naked as well. You’re welcome!



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