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Zebra Katz featuring Njena Redd Foxx - “Ima Read” (NSFW)

Zebra Katz featuring Njena Redd Foxx - “Ima Read” (NSFW)

on Feb 01 in DanceHip HopNjena Redd FoxxVideosZebra Katz

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Vogue battle kids rejoice, your new anthem has arrived!  Brooklyn-based Zebra Katz has got a minor buzz brewing on the blogosphere with the new track “Ima Read”, a song that will undoubtedly be a hit among those that often preface “work!” with “you betta…”

Katz, along with femcee Njena Redd (ha!... a play on the past tense of “read”?) Foxx, cast themselves as hater-targeted students at Shady B*tch High who promise/threaten to read, school, slice and otherwise set straight the villain in their two person teen beef.  Over a minimalist electro beat, the two take turns throwing verbal daggers at their unseen nemesis(es?) with an icy monotone delivery that will either put you to sleep, or creep you out.

Speaking of creepy, the video brings the ominous vibe of the song to life with its deserted public school setting, the vintage 70’s flick cinematography and those weird Jabbawockeez catholic school dancers with Patrice Rushen braids—- those girls look like they’ll play double dutch with you one minute, and then choke you out while humming “Forget Me Nots” the next.

While both the song and video drone on a wee bit too long for my tastes, “Ima Read” still works as a novelty throwback to those 90’s house “b*tch tracks” and it will definitely be a favorite of those who often dip into the Paris Is Burning well for snappy one-liner zingers.  The library is open, indeed!






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